Baron Corbin WWE NXT
Image Credit: WWE

Report: Details On Baron Corbin And Mustafa Ali Appearing On WWE NXT

Baron Corbin and Mustafa Ali both made shocking appearances on the May 30 episode of WWE NXT, and a new report details the situation.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reports tat, per WWE sources, tentative plans had been in place for both Ali and Corbin to work NXT, which is why they were made free agents following the 2023 WWE Draft. Multiple competitors in NXT requested to work with Ali, who was reportedly happy to do so.

Sapp wrote that the goal of having Corbin and Ali work in NXT is to build interest in NXT, refresh both performers, evaluate those that they will be working with, and give NXT talent the chance to work with veterans of the main roster. Both Ali and Corbin are expected to keep working NXT but they can still appear on RAW and SmackDown.

Both Corbin and Ali are set for the June 6 episode of NXT, and they will compete in Money in the Bank qualifying matches on the June 9 episode of WWE SmackDown.