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Rob Van Dam Says Sabu Would Intentionally Botch Spots To Work The Marks

Rob Van Dam says Sabu wasn’t botching, he was working the marks.

During a recent episode of his 1 of a Kind podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam discussed his long-time friend and rival Sabu. On the topic of Sabu intentionally botching spots to fool the dirt sheets, RVD confirmed he wanted to work people.

“He would do that and he would tell me he is gonna do it, and then I would see the write up and they would be criticizing him saying that he missed a bunch of spots because it was so different,” Van Dam said. “It wouldn’t even, it wouldn’t fit in. And the only reason to do it would be, ‘Hey, that would happen.’”

“You know, but everyone’s gonna think he f*cked up. So he would do that for no reason. Like boom, set me up chair top rope. He would slip and like, fall to the floor and everyone would be like, ‘what just happened?’ And he wanted it that realism and wanted to work the people in the moment so much that, you know, sacrificed some of his credibility with certain marks,” Van Dam stated.

Regarding Sabu’s recent AEW appearances, RVD said that he knew he would debuting on the May 24 episode of AEW Dynamite, which set up his Double or Nothing role as the special guest enforcer for Chris Jericho vs. Adam Cole.

Looking forward, though, Van Dam is hopeful that Sabu will be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in Philadelphia next year.

“Yeah, hopefully he would. He’s gotta have a good positive energy run for a while…”

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