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Philadelphia Phillies Commentator John Kruk Explains Concept Of WWE Money in the Bank, Shouts Out Rhea Ripley

Count on Philadelphia Phillies commentator John Kruk as one person that will be tuning into Peacock to watch WWE Money in the Bank next month.

WWE will soon take a trip across the pond as they host their annual Money in the Bank premium live event from the O2 Arena in London, England. In anticipation of the July 1 event, the company has rolled out a number of qualifying matches for the men’s and women’s Money in the Bank ladder matches. So far, the women’s side will feature the likes of Zelina Vega, Becky Lynch, and Zoey Stark. LA Knight, Ricochet, and Shinsuke Nakamura are the current qualifiers for the men’s match.

As WWE continues to hype the Money in the Bank event, they’ve received some assistance from a surprising source. During a home game against the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday, Philadelphia Phillies color commentator John Kruk mentioned that he’d be tuning into WWE Money in the Bank when it airs on Peacock. Kruk’s commentary colleague Tom McCarthy then asked him to explain the concept of the ladder match.

“So, they have two briefcases, one for women and one for men and you wrestle. You can use the ladder as a weapon, but the winner has to climb up and get the briefcase off the hook. The ladder is like a 15-foot ladder. It’s like a step stool. I mean, these guys fly off those things and the women are just as physical as the men are in those things.”

Kruk also stated that SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley, who’s known to be a dominant force, might be his favorite wrestler right now.

McCarthy then asked Kruk to explain what happens once someone grabs a hold of the Money in the Bank briefcase. “Well, then you can cash it in against any champion you want at any time, and you become the champion,” Kruk said. “So, let’s say if two guys are having a heck of a match and it’s brutal or women, whatever, and it’s a brutal, hard fought physical match, whoever has the Money in the Bank can just come out when that match is over and say, ‘Here, I want to cash it in.'”

The Phillies went on to defeat the Tigers 1-0.

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