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More Details On Why WWE Is Making Changes To Championship Titles

Fightful Select has more information on the mass changes WWE has been making to their championship titles over the last few weeks and will continue to do so in the immediate future.

The report indicates that WWE wants to streamline their titles. An example of this was that Asuka’s new WWE Women’s Championship is similar in design to the championship given to Roman Reigns. The point of this was to help portray it on an even plane while also helping solve the RAW/SmackDown women’s championship situation.

Rhea Ripley, who is currently the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion as a member of the RAW roster, is also expected to receive an adjustment. It’s unknown at this time whether that change will be a new design, a name change, or both.

That is not all of the changes coming for the WWE women’s division, as the tag team championships are also set to be combined. Several people within NXT were confused when the women’s tag team titles were initially created and its reported that the only reason unifying took so long was due to numerous injuries. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions will appear on NXT in the future when necessary and its said that the plan to unify them was set in stone back before the WWE Draft.

Fightful reports that some common frustration from the locker room is that WWE continues to abuse the term ‘Undisputed’. Roman Reigns is referred to as the Undisputed champion even though Seth Rollins is the World Heavyweight Champion. Similarly, Asuka’s title refers to her as an Undisputed champion even though Rhea Ripley has been a champion longer. When some people backstage have brought this up to officials, it always gets dismissed.

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