Paul Heyman
Photo Credit: WWE

Paul Heyman Wants To Begin Telling Next Year’s WrestleMania Stories Right Now

Paul Heyman wants to tell stories for the following WrestleMania a year in advance.

SmackDown Superstar Paul Heyman was a recent guest on Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked how long he spends trying to tell a story that leads into WrestleMania, Heyman admitted that’s something he wants to do a year in advance.

“Yeah, my big questions the past three weeks are all centered around what are we doing next year? Because let’s start telling that now,” Paul Heyman said. “Let’s drop hints now; that makes sense now. I mean, I’m not even talking about during Wrestlemania.

“I’m talking about going into WrestleMania. Is there something that can be said that we play back a year from now and be enlightened? And think, oh my God, this is a dual Wrestlemania story. I’m not just talking about Roman or Cody. I mean, it could be with anybody.”

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