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Sheamus Believes He 100% Should Be Added To The WWE Money in the Bank Card

Sheamus explains why he should be added to the WWE Money in the Bank lineup.

In two weeks, WWE will make a trip across the pond to host their 2023 Money in the Bank premium live event (in addition to the go-home episode of SmackDown). So far, four matches have been announced for the PLE, including the Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank ladder matches.

Elsewhere on the card, Finn Balor will challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, while Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio battle in a traditional singles match.

As WWE heads to London, England for Money in the Bank, one talent is surprised to see that he isn’t on the card. That talent, of course, is the Irish-born “Celtic Warrior” Sheamus, who spent much of his early career in the United Kingdom. Speaking with Metro UK, Sheamus pitched his case on why he should be included in the event.

 “I mean, selfishly I should [be on it]. If it’s with Ridge [Holland] too, that’d be great. But listen, last time we were in Wales [for Clash At The Castle in September], I tore the bleeding roof off the place. Nobody came close! Roman [Reigns], Drew [McIntyre] didn’t come close – and it was built around that match. Nobody came close to [me and GUNTHER]. Every time I’m in there, I blow the roof off the place. Doesn’t matter if it’s in Cardiff, Wales, doesn’t matter if it’s in Lexington, Kentucky, MSG, the reactions I get are insane,” Sheamus said.

“Every time I get out there, I put on a banger. I should be the first person they’re thinking of – especially when a pay-per-view comes to Europe like that. So yeah, a hundred percent, I should be in there.”

With more than two weeks to go until the event airs, there is still time for Sheamus to be added to the card. Regardless of if he is announced for the card or not, though, Sheamus is happy to see Brawling Brutes’ teammate Butch compete in this year’s Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

“Butch is in that Money in the Bank, I’m delighted for him, he’s great, he’s gonna be in front of his home crowd … We’ll see what happens,’ Sheamus said. “Either way, Butch is gonna put on a hell of a performance!”

In addition to Butch, Sheamus also proposed the idea of inserting their third member, Ridge Holland, into the mix. “To be honest with you, Ridge should be in that match as well, 100%. They’re in London, I don’t understand why Ridge isn’t in that match. You’ve got a great opportunity there for that, but I don’t book this stuff, you know what I mean?”

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