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Cameron Grimes Says Having Long Hair Keeps Him Grounded

Cameron Grimes likes having long hair.

Cameron Grimes has gone through a few character changes in his WWE career, but perhaps the most aggressive was the one unleashed by his NXT rival, Duke Hudson. On a November 2021 episode of NXT, Grimes and Hudson competed in a poker showdown. After his previous defeat to Grimes, Hudson was apprehensive to go all in with his hand, so he folded. Grimes, who then won the round by default, revealed his cards to be subpar. This realization flew Hudson into a rage and prompted him to attack Grimes.

As Hudson sent Grimes crashing through the poker table, he retrieved a pair of scissors from under the ring. Upon re-entering the ring, Hudson forcefully cut off chunks of Grimes’ hair and beard. During a recent appearance on Out of Character, Grimes discussed his reaction to getting his hair cut on WWE television.

“It’s always been suggested [to have my hair cut] since day one. Ultimately, the hair and the beard, it all got grown out because I didn’t have any money. I couldn’t afford to go get haircuts and stuff like that. So, then it kind of became that look, that caveman look. [WWE] had suggested cleaning me up, especially in the NXT 2.0 start. They wanted to clean me up a little bit and I was open to it.”

“I’m open to anything I’ve said before, any kind of suggestion towards my characters. If you look at the best actors, some of them are the same actor in every movie, but they get different directions. And then that ultimately makes their character so much better throughout their careers because they’ve went through these different ranges. I feel like that’s what I want. I want to be able to go out of my comfort zone and be given something to try to work towards because I feel like ultimately that’ll make me better.”

Since receiving a hair cut in late 2021, Grimes has grown back his hair to its original state. Despite some initial pushback on his long hair, Grimes says it keeps him grounded. “I need to get a little bit of a trim, but I think it looks pretty good. Rags to riches, right? I like to keep the long hair, too, because it helps remind me of that. It helps keep me kind of grounded to show I was a bum at one point. As long as I still got this thick hair, I want to keep it. There’s people that fight over this.”

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