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Moose Stayed With IMPACT So Long Because He Worries About Making Friends Elsewhere

It seems there’s a good reason why Moose has decided to stay in IMPACT Wrestling for as long as he has.

IMPACT Wrestling‘s Moose was a recent guest on The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish to discuss a wide variety of subjects. During the podcast, Moose spoke about being a shy person and not having an outgoing personality backstage. Moose said one of the reasons he’s been with the company for so long is the fear of having to make new friends at another company.

“It wasn’t me initiating the friendship (in Ring of Honor),” Moose said. “Like, oh, my name is Moose. You wanna — I’m usually to myself unless somebody — I’ve always been shy, so every time it comes to leaving IMPACT, that’s always a big factor in my decision-making. One of the reasons I’ve been in IMPACT so long is the scare of going somewhere else and making new friends.”

When asked who he goes to for advice backstage, Moose pointed to his boss and mentor, IMPACT Wrestling President Scott D’Amore.

“When it comes to wrestling and getting advice, I try to limit who I talk to-to a very small few,” Moose admitted. “At the end of the day, you’re gonna do what your boss wants you to do, how he wants you to do it, because he’s the guy paying the bills, right? He’s not paying you; you need that money to pay the bills, so luckily, a guy who’s been my boss for the last few years, he’s almost my mentor who was a guy who brought me up in wrestling, who coached me is Scott D’Amore. So, with saying that, he’s one of the guys that if I need advice on a wrestling topic, I go to him.” [H/T: POST Wrestling]

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