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Photo Credit: NWA

Kerry Morton Found A Way To Be Starstruck Teaming Up With His Dad

Kerry Morton is grateful he gets a chance to share the ring with his father.

Speaking on Talk Is Jericho, Kerry Morton spoke about getting a chance to team with his father, Ricky Morton. Kerry said it’s like second nature to him since he was around his dad so much, but the opportunity to team with a legend is still not lost on him.

“Genuinely, it’s awesome. Mind you, I grew up with him, that’s not only my dad, that’s my best friend. So stepping on the wrestling ring with him, it’s kind of just like second nature, especially from just starting in this business and becoming the young boy that I was and him throwing me in the ring with people and then we started tagging together, and he starts showing me his tricks. One of those nature of tricks is selling, and he’s like, ‘Listen,’ for instance we’re wrestling The Fixers on NWA, he’s like, ‘When they do this to you, don’t get up. Roll to that camera, hard cam’s facing this way, you have your floor cam this way, roll to it, and just eye it, just crawl, and scrunch your eyes a little, and put yourself in the position of this actually happened.’

“That’s when wrestling started to become, ‘Oh wow.’ I became alive. This is the moment where I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m starting to realize who I am.’ Now I’m getting out of the environment of, ‘Okay, I’m just here to wrestle,’ and now I’m here to perform. I’m here to entertain. That was something that I can always be grateful, and now I get to share the ring with him. We’ve won a few belts on the independent scene. We said it as a team, ‘How cool would it be to hold,’ you know, he’s a nine-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, how cool would it be to be ten-time with your son? That was something that really starstruck [me], and never say never. I think, 66 years old and I’m 21. We can still flow, we can still go, and I’m picking up all his ways.”

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