Amanda Huber AEW
Image Credit: AEW

Report: Amanda Huber Working On Production Side Of AEW

Amanda Huber reportedly has a new role in AEW.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that Amanda Huber is working on the production side of the company. Huber had also been involved with AEW’s community outreach work as AEW Together’s Community Engagement Coordinator. She signed with AEW in October 2015.

Senior Vice President & Co-Executive Producer Michael Mansury, who joined AEW in December, recruited her to work with production.

Update: Huber has commented on the initial report and clarified that she is only working alongside the production team, and she is not producing matches.

“Working alongside production ≠ producing. That is all,” Huber wrote.

Asked what prompted her to speak out about the report, Huber said that she was the subject of plenty of questioning about her qualifications to produce matches. Huber said it’s a fair question and she’s not qualified for that role, but she is qualified for the new role working with the production team.

Huber is the widow of Jon Huber, also known as Mr. Brodie Lee, who passed away in December 2020. Their son, Brodie Lee Jr., has appeared on AEW programming multiple times. He is signed to an AEW deal that won’t be official until his eighteenth birthday.

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