WWE NXT Gold Rush Results

WWE NXT Gold Rush Results (6/20/23)

Cora Jade vs. Dana Brooke

Jade tries a kick. Brooke catches it and slams Jade to the mat. Bodyslam by Brooke. Brooke follows that with a handstand elbow drop. Jade cuts off Brooke’s momentum with a knee to the gut. Jade surprises Brooke with a knee strike to Brooke’s knee. Brooke fights out of Jade’s double under hook DDT attempt. Brooke fights out of it. Jade is sent into the corner. Brooke tries a handspring, but her knee gives out. The referee calls for the medical staff to check on Brooke.

Jade screams that Brooke is faking it. After the break, Brooke is stretchered away from ringside. Jade is yelling and screaming at her the whole time. Brooke slaps Jade. Brooke stumbles off the stretcher and lands a few punches. Jade rolls back into the ring. Brooke tries a slam, but her knee gives out again. Jade chop blocks Brooke. Brooke fires up and lands a flurry of offense. Jade traps Brooke in a single-leg crab. Brooke refuses to tap out. The referee stops the match.

Winner- Cora Jade

Face-to-Face: Carmelo Hayes and Baron Corbin

Corbin tells Hayes he doesn’t have time to watch him pose. Corbin tells Hayes that having the NXT Championship doesn’t mean he’s made it. Hayes can’t say or do anything Corbin hasn’t seen or heard. He notes that Corbin has never seen an NXT Championship reign or the respect of the NXT Universe. Hayes notes that Corbin came here because he thinks he can steal his title and become relevant again. Corbin isn’t the first person from the main roster to challenge Hayes. Corbin is going to end up on a t-shirt like everyone else.

Hayes tries to mention Happy Corbin, but Corbin cuts him off. Corbin tells Hayes that Happy Corbin bought Him a million-dollar house. If they want to compare bank accounts or WrestleMania moments, Hayes will lose every time. Hayes tells Corbin that he had a 10-year head start on him. At 26, Hayes was winning the NXT Breakout Tournament and cashing in to win his first title. At 26, Corbin was getting cut from the Arizona Cardinals. Corbin cringes. That one stung. Hayes says he gives Corbin credit.

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Hayes isn’t here to meet Corbin’s expectations. He’s going to create expectations of his own. Hayes tells Corbin to check the deed because he owns this place. He’s had to replace the roof because he’s torn it down so many times. Hayes is Him. Corbin says if Hayes has to come to the ring and tell everyone he’s him, he’s not. Hayes tries to talk, but Corbin says the lesson is over and tosses the mic at him. Hayes stews as Corbin walks away.

Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz vs. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson w/Noam Dar and Oro Mensah

Feroz and Leon attack Jackson and Legend in the aisleway. Jackson and Legend double-team Leon. Lola Voce and Elektra Lopez walk out on the stage. Jackson and Legend continue their assault on Leon. Leon manages to tag in Feroz. Feroz lands a diving ranna off the top. Mensah grabs Feroz’s leg. Feroz stomps on Mensah’s hands. Feroz tries a splash but is plucked out of the air by Mensah. Mensah puts her down. Leon surprises Mensah with a suicide senton. Feroz gets back in the ring and eats a big boot from Legend. Legend gets a three count.

Winners- Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Seth “Freakin” Rollins (c) vs. Bron Breakker

Rollins’ ribs are taped. Breakker tries a Spear immediately. Rollins avoids it and almost lands a Stomp. Breakker almost traps Rollins in the Recliner, but Rollins escapes. Rollins sets up a Pedigree. Breakker avoids that. Rollins sends Breakker out of the ring. Breakker gets to his feet just as Rollins dives off the apron for a flying knee. After the break, Breakker is working over Rollins’ ribs. Breakker catches Rollins with a Frankenstiener.

Breakker continues his assault. Rollins tries to fire up. Breakker cuts him off with a German suplex. Rollins kicks out. Breakker does a few pushups as Rollins clutches at his ribs. Breakker tries a Spear. Rollins dodges, causing Breakker to eat the ring post. Rollins manages to take Breakker off his feet with a roaring clothesline. Breakker gets to his feet. Rollins knees Breakker out of the ring. Suicide Dive by Rollins.

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Rollins lands two more for good measure. Rollins sets up the Stomp. Breakker rolls out of the ring. Rollins follows and catches Breakker with a clothesline. Rollins clears off the commentary desk. Breakker grabs Rollins by the throat and lifts him for the press slam. Rollins wiggles free and nails Breakker with a superkick. Breakker falls on the desk. Rollins climbs up top and puts Breakker through the table with a frog splash. After the break, Rollins misses a frog splash off the top. Rollins is hurt. Breakker pulls down his straps and locks in the Recliner.

Rollins gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Rollins goes up top. Breakker pops up top and hits an avalanche Frankenstiener. Gorilla Press Powerslam by Breakker. Rollins kicks out. Breakker tries a Spear. Rollins counters with a knee to Breakker’s face. Pedigree by Rollins. Breakker kicks out. Revolution elbow by Rollins. Rollins hits the ropes and gets Speared out of the air. Rollins kicks out at 2.9. Breakker dives off the top into a superkick by Rollins. Rollins hits two Stomps in a row for the win.

Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth “Freakin” Rollins!

After the match, Finn Bálor attacks Rollins on the ramp. Security tries to break it up, but Bálor ignores them. Bálor grabs a chair and works over Rollins. Bálor goes up top for a double stomp. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams hit the ring to make the save. Bálor slinks away as Williams and Hayes hold Rollins back.

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