WWE NXT Gold Rush Results

WWE NXT Gold Rush Results (6/20/23)

WWE NXT Gold Rush Results

June 20, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

North American Championship Match: Wes Lee (c) vs. Tyler Bate (Mustafa Ali is the Special Guest Referee)

Lee sends Bate flying with an arm drag. Bate takes Lee down with a waist lock. Bate grabs an ankle lock. Lee escapes as Bate flips out of Lee’s head scissors. Bate and Lee run the ropes and avoid each other by flipping all over the place. Bate takes Lee down with a headlock takeover. Ali does a fast count as soon as Lee’s shoulders hit the mat. Lee narrowly avoids getting counted out. Lee turns the hold into a pin. Ali quickly counts Bate but manages to kick out. Backslide by Lee. Ali gives Lee a slow count this time. Bate kicks out. Lee gets in Ali’s face.

Bate rolls up Lee. Ali slow counts again. The fight spills out of the ring, but Ali doesn’t count them out. The crowd starts to count for him. Ali slowly begins the count. After the break, Lee and Bate clothesline each other simultaneously. Bate and Lee trade strikes. Lee fires up and lands a flurry that ends with a basement dropkick. Bate catches Lee with a knee lift. Diving European uppercut by Bate. Exploder suplex by Bate. Bate kips up and tries a standing shooting star. Lee gets his knees up. Enziguri by Lee. Lee tries the Kardiac Kick, but Bate counters with a rebound lariat.

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Bates goes up top. Lee cuts Bate off and sets up a superplex to the outside ring area. Bate fights out of it. Bate surprises Lee with a bop and Bang. Lee and Bate both fall off the top. Lee lands on the floor. Bate lands in the ring. Ali starts to count Lee out. Ali stops his count and leaves the ring to yell at Lee about getting up. Bate starts to stir in the ring. Ali picks Bate up. Lee jumps back into the ring and hits a Kardiac Kick to Bate that Ali has to leap out of the way to avoid. Lee pins Bate.

Winner and Still North American Champion, Wes Lee!

After the match, Ali holds Lee and Bate’s arms in the air. Lee and Bate both stare at Ali as if he has sixteen heads.

Chase U Pep Rally

Duke Hudson introduces tonight’s honoree and future youngest NXT Women’s Champion, Thea Hail. Hail comes to the ring, flanked by Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey, and a few cheerleaders. Hail says her most significant accomplishment this past year was graduating high school. She never wanted to go to college, she wanted to be a NXT Superstar. Gulak is appalled that Hail just graduated high school. Hail thanks Andre Chase, Hudson, and even Dempsey and Gulak. Next week, Hail promises to give Tiffany Stratton a Chase U-sized ass whipping.

Stratton interrupts. Stratton says Hail is the dumbest person in the building if she thinks she can win. Hail has a 0% chance of winning. Hudson says Hail will take the title off Stratton at age 19. Hudson says Stratton may not believe in Hail, but he does. So does all of Chase U and everyone watching at home. Stratton says not only will Hail not beat her, but she won’t tap her out either. Hail latches onto Stratton and traps her in a Kimura. Stratton immediately taps out. Stratton rolls out of the ring as Hail parades around the ring with the NXT Women’s title.

Backstage, The Creed Brothers are with Ivy Nile watching a Schism promo. Brutus says they will send them packing if Schism doesn’t want to be here.

Number One Contender’s Match: Briggs and Jensen w/Fallon Henley vs. Hank and Tank vs. Malik Blade and Edris Enofé

As soon as the bell rings, Briggs boots Walker in the face. Blade manages to land a dropkick. Enofé and Blade double-team Jensen. Briggs and Jensen pound on Enofé in the corner. Gallus is shown watching the match backstage. Ledger and Walker stun gun Briggs on the ring apron. All six men end up in the ring at the same time. A huge brawl breaks out. Briggs and Jensen set up their double uppercut apron spot, but before they can land their strikes to Ledger and Walker, Enofé and Blade land stereo dives out of nowhere.

As everyone outside the ring gets to their feet. Ledger and Walker both slingshot off the second rope and land splashes. After the break, Blade tries a dive, but Briggs catches him in the air. Briggs bounces Blade off the rope and hits a lariat. Enofé leaps off of Walker’s back and dropkicks Briggs. Jensen Dr. Bombs Blade on top of Ledger. Briggs and Jensen hit the Hart Attack on Ledger. Enofé breaks ip Jensen’s pin with a diving elbow drop. Blade follows that with a frog splash off the top for the win!

Winners and NEW Number One Contenders, Malik Blade and Edris Enofé!

Backstage, Damon Kemp tells Eddy Thorpe they will have a Raw Underground-style match. Thorpe accepts. Off-screen, there is a commotion. Roxanne Perez is being pulled off of Blair Davenport by referees and officials.

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