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Eugene: Working With William Regal In WWE Was Magic

Eugene got to work with some of the most knowledgeable WWE Superstars during his time with the company.

Former WWE Superstar Eugene recently was a guest on The Ten Count with Steve Fall to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about working alongside William Regal in WWE, Eugene said it was magic and that Regal was the mastermind for coming up with half of the things his character did.

“It was magic,” Eugene admitted. “Like I haven’t had a pairing with anyone like it was with him because he’s such a good performer. Even back to WCW when he was with Triple H there or Bobby Eaton, or his match against Fit Finlay. He’s always got magic about him, and that’s why people respect him, but he was definitely the perfect Odd Couple pairing for Eugene because I could just go out and be crazy, but a lot of times, he’d be trying to get me back or wrestle me, but he’d say something like, run around like an airplane, and I would just start running around like an airplane, and he’d get dizzy. He was more half of Eugene than I think I was part of it because he was telling me a lot of stuff. Like you could do this, or you could do this. Him and Fit Finlay both were big into it.”

When asked about getting involved in the rivalry between Triple H and Chris Benoit, which led to a match with Hunter, Eugene said the whole situation felt like getting on a high-speed train.

“It was like I got on a really fast train,” Eugene said. “Because a lot of this stuff starts to run together because we’ve been doing a lot of events, live events, overseas, TV, and I remember all of it, and it was awesome. And I just followed those guys, and just if they wanted me to give advice or my thoughts on it, they would ask me, I wouldn’t put into it. I would just keep my mouth shut and my ears open. And they would just lead me along, and Triple H knew exactly how to get the most out of Eugene but still not getting too much and preserving the title run to Benoit and then to Randy, and that’s where I wrestled Triple H.”

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