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Delilah Doom Details Her Experience Doing Motion Capture For WWE 2K22

Delilah Doom recalls her experience in doing motion capture for a recent WWE video game.

Outside the world of professional wrestling, Delilah Doom has dabbled into some other forms of entertainment, including improv, acting, and stunt work. A couple of years ago, she received the opportunity to blend those interests together. Speaking with WrestleZones own Ella Jay, Doom revealed that she did some motion capture for WWE’s 2K22 video game.

“I got recommended to them by somebody. Think it was Aaron Solow, because they were looking for women’s wrestlers. I got an email and they wanted to see if I was interested in coming up. Basically, the day is like, you go there, you wear this full body suit that has the little motion capture [marker] balls on them. I did it a few times for that game,” Doom said.

“We filmed the scenes. Heather Monroe was there too. She was ‘player one’, so when you play the women’s player one, the career mode, it’s Heather Monroe moving. So [in] filming, we’d walk and then we were talking while the script played. Then when it came time to do moves, we would just do the actual moves [or they’d ask] like, ‘Hey, can you do this move?’ and we would it.”

Doom then clarified that the moves were done in an actual wrestling ring. “It was just like wrestling, but they were just like, ‘This is what we need.’ It’s like video games, so when you think of the video games. Then we did entrances where you have to mimic [the WWE Superstars]. It was my favorite thing to do, it was so much fun. It was surrounded by wonderful people, it was just one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.”

When discussing which superstar entrances she re-created, Doom identified WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus’ as her favorite to do. “I did Trish Stratus, I was really excited for that,” Doom said. “Me and Alex Gracia, we did Alexa Bliss’ few [characters]. I did Candice Lerae when she was baby[face] and heel. So that was really fun. I did Nikki [Cross], I did all her [characters], when she was a superhero, all of that. I was running around the ring [for ‘crazy’ Nikki].”

“You can find my entrance [too]. They allowed us all to do our entrances. My finisher is actually in there too. Me and TJ Perkins, we did the move. So, if you search, I think it’s called ‘The Queen of Aerobic Style’ as one of the entrances. Then you’ll find the avalanche victory roll, and that’s my finisher.”

Doom noted that her real-life partner Eli Everfly also did some motion capture for WWE 2K22. After wrapping up their motion capture work, WWE later sent them a copy of the video game.

“It was the most fun I’ve ever had at work that was outside of just wrestling. So cool,” Doom said.

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