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Don Callis: I’m Going To Build A ‘Family’ In AEW That Can Take Out The Elite

Don Callis teases that his “family” will be expanding over the next few weeks.

Callis betrayed Kenny Omega by attacking the former world champion during his Steel cage match against Jon Moxley on the May 10 episode of AEW Dynamite. At AEW Double or Nothing, Callis and Konosuke Takeshita interfered and cost The Elite (Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page) the Anarchy in the Arena match against Blackpool Combat Club.

Speaking with Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho, Callis repeatedly teased his plan to build up a family to combat, and eventually take out, The Elite.

“I almost got killed on the show a few months ago by Jon Moxley,” Callis said. “So The Elite have left me no choice but to build up a family that can protect Takeshita, to protect this asset because The Elite are all about four-on-one. I’ve heard the plans to attack Takeshita and get rid of him and to try and bury us. It’s not gonna happen. There’s a lot of people who want what Don Callis provides to wrestlers, and you’re gonna see that in the next few weeks.”

Callis later highlighted what he called The Elite’s “mental weakness” and stated that his family will destroy the group and wipe them out of wrestling as a whole.

“It is [that] mental weakness that is going to lead my family with Takeshita and myself, and other family members to come, it’s gonna lead us to destroying The Elite and wiping them off of the face of wrestlin,” Callis said. “If there’s anything left of The Elite after The BCC is done get them, the Don Callis family is gonna clean up the mess.”

Jericho directly asked Callis whether he would add more members to his family, and he stated that he didn’t have a choice. He explained that he has heard that The Elite are looking to destroy them, so he has to bring in more members for protection.

“I have no choice. For our own personal safety, because The Elite have made it clear from rumors and things that I hear, I pay a lot of people here, and so I get information,” Callis said. “Our buddy Dr. Luther is a backstage guy. You don’t think I hear things? They’re looking to destroy us because we embarrassed Kenny Omega. I have no choice, for my own protection, for the protection of his stellar career that’s gonna take place under me, that we have to have at least even numbers to combat this.

“I had a family with one member in it, Kenny Omega, and it blew up in my face. I will not put myself in that situation ever again. I’m gonna have a big family. I’m gonna have multiple family members. They’re not just gonna be anybody. They’re gonna be the types of athletes that are like [Takeshita], that are on the same level or higher than Kenny Omega, and we’re gonna take care of business. That’s how this is going to go. Again, this is not the friend business. This is the wrestling business. This is a results business, something The Elite chose not to pay attention to.”

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