Alicia Fox
Photo Credit: WWE

Alicia Fox Wants To Contribute To Wrestling, Sees Herself Producing

Victoria Crawford, formerly known as Alicia Fox, wants to contribute to wrestling, either as a talent, a coach, or as a producer.

In Maym Fox confirmed that she is no longer with WWE as she announced her free agency. She later stated that she never said she as retired.

Speaking on The Ryback Show (on Twitter Spaces), Fox commented on her future following her departure from WWE.

“I feel that I have my name, and I can say my truth, I think I’m looking forward to seeing what that will look like,” Fox said. “I have no idea.”

Fox was then asked to describe where she sees herself in the wreslting business and whether working as a talent or in a backstage role was more appealing to her.

“It’s so weird. I always had this interest in being in the TV truck. I almost wanted to be like little Kevin Dunn Jr. I think it’d fun to do producing, like producing and directing, the meat and potatoes of the TV aspect. I think sometimes, what’s portrayed on TV, I would just try to do my best I could to be of contribution to a company that wants to help the girls know an appropriate standard, with the gear and certain moves, where their legs are [facing] hard cam, close your legs, little things that don’t have to, and that’s with any talent. I think it’s just more of the overall development package. There’s certain things that, I think social media allowed personalities to kind of seep in on our caricatures as performers. Sometimes I think that can be a little misleading for the product.

“For myself, it was kind of a little difficult to embody my Total Divas character with my wrestling character because one’s PG and one’s not. So I think in a sense of producing content for a company, I would love to be in some conversations that would help elevate the voices of what real standard TV should be. Right now, we’re in a very hypersexed environment, social media, information’s everywhere, so I would love to be somewhere on keeping the standards of a company like clean and green, high ethical, high, good quality content. But when it comes to helping the talent in the ring, I feel like I would love to contribute as talent. I would love to contribute as a coach, I would love to just contribute. I just don’t see myself really wanting to play the politic winner over here. I don’t have that…”

Fox has been announced for Reality of Wrestling Summer of Champions. More information is available here.

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