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Jack Perry Shares What He Appreciates About Working With HOOK

Jack Perry‘s actions at Forbidden Door might say otherwise, but he’s actually learned something about himself from working alongside HOOK.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry was asked how teaming with HOOK has helped him grow as a wrestler. Perry said he’s always appreciated how HOOK has gotten over with his actions, and it’s something he’s tried to replicate himself.

”Since the day HOOK came in, I very much appreciated how little he not only talks but tries to go out of his way to — I think a lot of these second-generation guys come in very confident and probably overconfident and thinking they’re hot shit and kind of feeling entitled to things,” Perry explained. “And HOOK was not like that at all. He came in; he was a quiet dude. You might not even know he’s there if you didn’t look for him. But compared to those guys, HOOK goes out, and he gets a lot bigger of a reaction, in my opinion. He goes out there and said two words, and people are going crazy. They love him.

“And that was something for me that I always wanted people to either like me or dislike me just based on my wrestling ability and not what I said or who I was or whatever. It’s like I want to go out there half-naked and wrestle. You’re either gonna like it, or you’re not. And I think we kind of have a similar feeling on that and kind of just who we want to be compared to,” Perry added, “kind of like our family lineage or whatever. And I think we have a mutual respect in that regard.”

Perry noted that JungleHOOK immediately caught on, as their first match scored the highest rating on that show.

“It kind of blew up and became a thing that we didn’t [expect]. I mean, I thought it would be cool [but it became even bigger]. But then, the first time we teamed up, it happened to get the biggest rating on that show, for the record. MJF and all these people, me and HOOK tagging for the first time got the highest viewed segment on the show,” Perry stressed. “And then it kind of became a thing, and it was like oh, JungleHOOK, that could be a cool thing.”

Jack Perry said he had some business with Christian that he had to handle, but he planned on winning gold in AEW. He said he “would not be surprised if HOOK and I are wrestling for the AEW World Tag Team Championships this summer.”

Yeah… about that.

Check out the full interview with Jack Perry below: