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Shawn Spears: The Chairman Is Just Hibernating

Could we see Shawn Spears revert back to his old ways in All Elite Wrestling soon?

All Elite Wrestling‘s Shawn Spears was a recent guest on Vibe 105.5FM Toronto to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about The Chairman character he portrayed in the company’s earlier years, Spears teased that The Chairman isn’t gone; he’s just hibernating.

“The Chairman is not gone. I will say that,” Shawn Spears teased. “The Chairman is just hibernating, we’ll say for the season. He will be back. You will see him again, so I’ll be swinging chairs again very, very soon. I might even swing it this Canadian tour; who knows? Maybe I’ll swing it on the Canadian tour. Might be in Toronto on the 24th [Collision]. Might be in Hamilton on the 28th or 29th [Dynamite/Collision]. Maybe in Calgary, maybe I’ll swing it in Calgary, who knows.”

When asked about his thoughts on his former stablemate MJF as a performer, Spears stated that a performer is exactly what MJF is.

“He’s exactly that; he’s a performer,” Shawn Spears said. “He understands this industry, he grasps onto things a lot faster than most, and he has been in the ring or been under the wing of a lot of our industry’s top talent. I believe it was Cody [Rhodes] that brought him in. Cody Rhodes brought him into AEW way back when.

“So, you’re under the wing of arguably the biggest star on the planet today. And then you go from there to Chris Jericho, and then you’re in these blood feuds with guys like CM Punk, and you’re going an hour with Bryan Danielson. Like, you are getting a top-notch first-class crash course in how to be a megastar, and he has received it well, he’s understood it well, he continues to try to improve week to week.

“And, I know Max very well both in front of the scenes and behind the scenes. I’m pretty confident in saying that even though he’s the World champion, it’s not enough. He won’t rely on just being the World [champion]; he’s going to aim higher, he’s going to go bigger. That’s just how he’s molded, that’s how he operates, and you know, I dare say I wish a lot of people across the board, talent-wise, would work that hard.” 

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What do you make of Shawn Spears’ comments? Would you like to see the return of The Chairman in All Elite Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.