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Kylie Rae Aims To Return To Wrestling In April 2024 Following Pregnancy

Kylie Rae is looking forward to 2024.

Rae has not wrestled since the Freelance “Three Cheers For Revenge” event on February 10. In April, Rae and Isaias Velazquez announced that they were expecting a child together.

Speaking with Ace Steel and Dennis Farrell on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Rae was asked about the future of her career following her pregnancy. She noted that she had been naive to think the recovery time was two months, as she has been hearing that a timeline of six months is more accurate. (h/t Rob Wilkins of Fightful for the transcription)

“As far as the pregnancy, I’m, again, this is my first time giving birth,” Rae said. “So I think I was a little naive shooting for, you know, two months of recovery time. I’m hearing it’s more like six months.”

Rae made it clear that she still wants to wrestle, and she continues to train, at least to the extent she is safely able to do so., as she believes it’s important to keep practicing.

“I know I still want to wrestle,” Rae said. “I still go to training at least once a week and get in and do the warm-ups and the drills that I’m able to do; I don’t necessarily do any spots or drills with other people, and that’s because accidents can happen; god forbid something horrible happens. I definitely limit what I’m able to do, and that’ll probably even decrease even more once my belly’s out to here, and I can’t do a forward role anymore.

“I believe in training consistently because I think that if you don’t use it, you lose it, no matter how long you’ve been doing anything. I’m trying not to lose too much throughout the pregnancy if that makes sense. I’m holding onto that set drift. I would love just to keep having fun and growing and learning and trying to; I don’t want to say correct mistakes but learn from the mistakes that I’ve made.”

As for her return, Rae noted that while she can’t predict the future, she’s aiming for April 2024 and taking baby steps forward at that point. She emphasized that she still loves wrestling, but her initial timeline of two months was impossible.

“I can’t predict the future,” Rae said. “Whatever happens, happens, but I know I still love wrestling, and I probably always will. I want to continue doing this as long as I can. I initially said I would like to be back working matches in January, but again, I’m hearing that that’s not possible. So I’m shooting for April of 2024. and maybe baby steps into whatever happens from there.”

WrestleZone wishes Rae well in her pregnancy, and we will provide more information as it becomes available.

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