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Kevin Owens: Anytime There’s A Show In Canada And I’m Not On It, That Hurts A Little

If there’s a WWE event in Canada and Kevin Owens isn’t on it, he’s not happy about it.

RAW Superstar Kevin Owens was a recent guest on Love Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about returning to Canada later this summer for the first time since Sami Zayn’s big moment at the Elimination Chamber premium live event, Owens admitted that not having a match on that show was a real bummer for him.

“Well, I gotta be honest, not being on the actual show is a real bummer,” Kevin Owens admitted. “There’s no way around that. Like, I really wish I could have been there. But to be a little part of it at the end was great, and to see Sami [Zayn] get his really big moment that he deserved and see everybody reacting to him the way they did after all these years, not that he was ever obviously anytime he showed up in Montreal, he got a great reaction.

“But to be in that spot at that moment, for him, that was really big. So it’s great to see that, but not being on the show, it definitely hurt a little. It’s not even just because it’s Montreal; I feel the same way everywhere. Anytime we go to Canada, and I’m not on one of the shows, I’m like, why am I not on this show?

“Canada’s funny this way where we tried to explain this to people in WWE and other wrestlers and even people in management, but I don’t think they quite grasp that Canada is just one big city in a way for their homeland guys. Whether we go to Winnipeg or Toronto or go back or Vancouver anywhere across Canada really, we’re welcome as being a hometown guy. And that’s really special. So anytime there’s a show in Canada, and I’m not on it, that hurts a little.”

When asked about Canada being referred to as “bizarro world” over the last couple of decades in WWE, Owens believes it just comes down to the fans cheering and booing whoever they want, and they don’t follow what the rest of the world decides to do.

“Well, I don’t know that that’s dead and buried in terms of the Canadian crowds will — I don’t know how to explain it,” Kevin Owens said. “Bizarro world, all that stuff the way it was referred to for the longest time. Canadian crowds will cheer who they want to cheer. They’ll boo what they want to boo. Sometimes that doesn’t really follow the same trajectory as maybe other cities across the globe.

“However, the one thing that you can always expect from Canadian crowds, and I think we’ve shown that over the last several years here, is they’ll react passionately and very loudly, one way or another. So that’s the one thing that you can always expect, regardless of which way the reaction is gonna go; it’s going to be loud, and it’s going to be good. It’s going to be a spectacle.”

When it was brought up to KO that he and Owen Hart are not only two-time WWE Intercontinental Champions, but they have both held it for the same amount of time at 132 days. A similarity that KO would like not to break by winning the title for a third time.

“Yeah, it means a lot, and it’s actually really funny because I’d love to win the Intercontinental title back, but I also don’t want to win it back because I don’t want to break that similarity,” Kevin Owens said. “I want to share that with Owen. So it’s real conflicted feeling, but it’s really cool to have that for sure. Owen was an absolutely incredible competitor, a great character entertaining as hell. So obviously, he had all the qualities for me to become a huge fan right from the get-go, and he had the younger brother similarity with me, so that sealed the deal.”

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