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MLW Fusion Results – June 29, 2023: Mance Warner Battles Sam Adonis In A Leather Strap Match

MLW Fusion Results – June 29, 2023

This week’s episode of MLW Fusion kicked off with a video package highlighting the feud between Mance Warner and Sam Adonis. The two men will compete in a leather strap match later on in the show.

Mandy Leon defeated Clara Carreras

  • Mandy Leon hit the Raven Effect DDT on Clara Carreras to score the pinfall victory.

Outside in the parking lot, 1 Called Manders gifts Mance Warner a leather strap to use in his match against Sam Adonis later on in the show. They are greeted by The Samoan SWAT Team and a friendly challenge is issued for the MLW World Tag Team Titles. The Samoan SWAT Team accept and it sounds like the match will happen at some point down the line.

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone arrives to the building and the commentators speculate he’s there due to Alex Kane’s Big Apple Grapple later on tonight.

We see Microman and Willie Mack hanging out together outside eating Dunkin Donuts. MSL yells at Microman and said he should be watching his figure and that he shouldn’t be hanging out with Mack because this is show business, not show friends. MSL believes Dunkin Donuts should be paying Microman to sponsor their food and he shouldn’t be eating it on television for free. MSL drags Microman away and takes the box of donuts with them.

We see the newly crowned MLW National Openweight Champion Jacob Fatu celebrating with The Samoan SWAT Team after defeating John Hennigan last week. Fatu said they are strapped up with championships now and that makes them bullet proof. He said they are gonna pull up and get their revenge on The Calling for putting him on the shelf several weeks back.

It’s officially announced that The Samoan SWAT Team will defend the MLW World Tag Team Titles against The Second Gear Crew next week.

Sam Adonis defeated Mance Warner in a leather strap match

  • Sam Adonis hit the final turnbuckle before Mance Warner could because each wrestler took a different path. A very convoluted finish.

We hear from Mance Warner backstage after the match, who said Sam Adonis snuck one out on him but it won’t happen again. He asks for a country whipping match, which is basically just a lumberjack match where everyone around ringside has a strap.

MLW World Women’s Featherweight Champion Delmi Exo is interviewed on the entrance stage, before the interview can really begin she’s jumped from behind by Taya Valkyrie who curb stomps Exo’s face into the championship. Valkyrie claims that Exo needs to defend her title in a rematch against her in the next 30 days.

The country whipping match between Mance Warner and Sam Adonis is made official for MLW Never Say Never.

It’s also announced that Jacob Fatu will defend his MLW National Openweight Championship against Calvin Tankman.

Despite the attack on Delmi Exo mere minutes earlier, where it was implied she had her neck broken, it’s announced that she will defend her championship in a title for title match against WXW Women’s Champion Ava Everett.

Alex Kane defeated Shigehiro Irie in the Big Apple Grapple

  • Alex Kane hits the Mark of Kane on Shigehiro Irie to score the pinfall victory.

Alex Kane gets on the microphone after the match and said that’s just a warm up. He said he’s here for Alex Hammerstone and calls him out to the ring. Hammerstone comes out but is held back by referees on the stage.

Hammerstone said if Kane was as good at wrestling as he is running his mouth he would have been world champion six months ago. Kane said Hammerstone is just a placeholder and the title is coming home with him at Never Say Never as MLW Fusion goes off the air.

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