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Eddie Edwards: IMPACT Wrestling Is A Destination, People Want To Make It Their Home

Eddie Edwards is proud to be part of the IMPACT Wrestling roster.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards was a recent guest on Tru Heels BTR with SP3 to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When it was brought up that he has been with IMPACT for almost a decade, Edwards said it didn’t really hit him until he heard it just now and reflected on the ups and downs he’s been through as part of the IMPACT Wrestling roster.

“It didn’t really hit until you said it,” Eddie Edwards admitted. “When you say ten years, like a decade. It’s that sense of time that while you’re in it, I don’t know, it doesn’t really compute. It’s like; I’m just doing my job, I’m working for IMPACT, I’m loving what I’m doing. And then when you take a step back, it’s like, wow, it will be a decade of me being in IMPACT, and I’ve enjoyed every step of it. There’s been ups and downs, but that’s life, and I’m really, really digging where we’re at as a company, and I’m happy with what I’m doing personally.”

When asked about the recent talent additions of Trinity and Nick Aldis in recent months, Edwards said he believes it’s because IMPACT Wrestling has become a destination that wrestlers want to be a part of in recent months.

“I think this year again, we’re proving it more than even last year where IMPACT Wrestling is a destination,” Eddie Edwards said. “Before maybe it wasn’t a destination, people would want to come in and go or make appearances, but now, people want to make IMPACT Wrestling their home. Clearly I understand because I’ve done that for almost a decade.

“And I’ve been pushing this for so long, and the people who have been a part of IMPACT, we know the atmosphere is like, we know what the roster is like, we know the relationship between the roster and the front office. It is a place you can go and be creative, and you can enjoy what you’re doing. You can enjoy the creativity involved, enjoy the matches, everything about it.

“Just being in the back, in the locker room, you can feel that it’s something different, and you’ll hear that time and time again from people who do come in for maybe a shot here or there. They’ll tell you that something’s different about the IMPACT locker room. You can feel it when you’re back there, the unity of and all.

“The term family is so overused and cliche, but you know, that’s the best way to describe it. You know what I mean? We’re brothers and sisters. We’re all hanging out. We all have the same goal. And I think that the most important part, we have that same goal. We want to bring IMPACT Wrestling to that next level, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get it there.”

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