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The Usos: If Someone Is Going To Put Roman Reigns In Line, It Had To Be Family

The Usos open up about their mindset heading into WWE Money in the Bank.

During the latest episode of WWE Sparring Sessions on YouTube, Jimmy and Jey Uso sat down to discuss their game plan for their “Civil War” tag team match against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa on Saturday. To start, they responded to the question, “How do you prepare to mentally face your flesh and blood?”

“Damn, you asking the questions like that? We don’t, uce,” Jey said. “Right now, we’re gonna be grown men at Money in the Bank, putting in work. Get ready. We’re coming from the same head coach, the same positions coaches, the same team for a long time, so we’re gonna play the same. So we ain’t gonna know until we get in there. All reaction, uce. We’re gonna call audibles in there.”

Jimmy added, “One thing about Solo and Roman is they’ve never been in a ring against me and my brother. That’s the big difference we got here. I think me and my brother got the chemistry, the tag team. We’re clicking on all cylinders over here. This is a tag team over here.”

“They’re gonna do what they need to do to get back home,” Jey said. “That has always been the number one goal, man. We do what we’re supposed to do together and then get back home. They’re gonna try to that on us.”

Jimmy mentioned that they all stuck it out together, but then Reigns wanted more and it messed up the whole vibe. If there was anyone to put “The Tribal Chief” in line, though, it had to be his own family.

“But if somebody is going to put him in line, it had to be our own family,” Jey declared. “They’re teaming together against the best tag team in the world. We are that. They are moving alone. You can do whatever you want to do alone. The way Roman has been acting lately, you really think he trusts anybody but himself? No. They can’t read each other’s minds. We really can.”

The Usos then turned their attention to how they’ll handle their own younger brother.

“Solo, why wouldn’t you want to align yourself with the top? The champ. The best of the best. He’s a man of very few words, but he’s going to smarten up,” Jimmy warned.

Jey agreed. “He’s going to smarten up. Just like we left his ass, Solo is going to get smart and leave his ass too. That’s what Roman has been doing lately. Mistreating us to stay on top. Nobody is going to have your back, not here. No friends, none of that. Family will, though, all day. He’s going to learn.”

Jimmy suggested they take advantage of Solo’s inexperience and “gas him out” by keeping him isolated from Reigns in the tag match. After being in the game for 13 years in WWE, they’re now going up against something new. They’ve seen the spears, Samoan spikes, super kicks, and leg drops, but now they’ll have to be on the receiving end.

“Let’s be real, man, he talks about grooming Jey, we all know Roman’s the one that’s been groomed here,” Jimmy said. “I just feel like the more and more he got up there, the more he lost himself. We came right in the mud of it and came through the independent scene, had to kind of figure that out for ourselves. Roman was groomed. ‘Hey, you the man? We got you, we’re gonna put you right here, we’re gonna make you that. That’s what you’re going to be.’

“Mama texts us every day talking about stop fighting. My dad’s on Twitter and you see how he feels about it. Regardless, when you’re going through it with your family, it happens. But fighting also happens and this is what needs to be done. July 1, the whole world is about to witness this.”

“We’re ready,” Jey concluded.

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