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Bayley Provides A Positive Update On Dakota Kai’s Recovery

Bayley and IYO SKY might be without Dakota Kai right now, but she’s progressing well in her recovery.

The leader of Damage CTRL recently spoke with Haus of Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if she was worried about Damage CTRL exploding at Money in the Bank as both she and IYO SKY are in the same match, Bayley said she’s not worried about it thanks to an eight-hour Zoom call the three of them had this week.

“I’m not worried,” Bayley said. “I had an eight-hour Zoom call with Dakota and IYO earlier this week, and we came up with the perfect strategy. You guys don’t have to worry. I’m not going against IYO; IYO’s not going against me. We’re in this together because we are Damage CTRL. Alright?”

When asked if we might see Dakota Kai get involved to assist her Damage CTRL partners tomorrow at Money in the Bank, Bayley made it clear that it isn’t happening but that she and IYO SKY are dedicating this match to her.

“No, no, she’s just she’s recovering,” Bayley said. “She’s doing everything she needs to do to get better so she can come back with us. We’re dedicating this match to her, but she was there to, you know, meditate. She was there to help us with an outside eye.”

Bayley went on to provide a positive update regarding Dakota Kai’s recovery, stating that she’s already off her crutches and squatting 315 pounds on a barbell.

“She’s a monster. She’s a beast,” Bayley stated. “She’s already off her crutches. She’s already driving. She’s already squatting 315 pounds on a barbell. Do you believe that? She’s a monster. She’s a beast. She’s coming back. Honestly, I don’t really know the timeline, but probably faster than I did.”

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