Sami Zayn
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Sami Zayn Recalls Painful Bump That Made His Organs Go ‘Blerghh’

Sami Zayn looks back on one of the worst bumps he ever took.

Zayn has been wrestling for over 20 years, and he has competed all over the world. Throughout his impressive career, Zayn’s body has taken plenty of punishment in a variety of ways, but one moment in particular was quite painfull.

Speaking with Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Zayn was asked to describe his worst bump, and he pointed to one he took during a match against Nigel McGuinness and Go Shiozaki in Ring of Honor. He noted that, upon impact, he felt his organs go, “Blerghh”, as the mat didn’t do much to soften his landing.

“I’m not sure if this is the worst, but the first one that comes to mind is a tag match I had with Kevin Owens against Nigel McGuinness and Go Shiozaki in Ring of Honor in 2008,” Zayn said. “I did like a flip dive while Kevin had Nigel in the sharpshooter. I was going to take out Go Shiozaki with a dive. I went to the top rope, and as I stood on the top rope, I go, “Wow, he’s so big and strong. I’m going to really go for it this time.” And I jumped as high as I could and flipped in midair. He did not catch me at all.

“I just landed and felt all my organs go like, ‘Blerghh!’ It’s like the outer part of my body kept my organs from exploding. But that’s all it did. It kept them in my body. But they all wanted to explode. There was a very thin mat, but it didn’t do much.”

Zayn’s tag team partner, Kevin Owens, was also part of the interview, and he named the bump he took when Braun Strowman slammed him onto the steel ramp at WWE SummerSlam 2018.

“The chokeslam from Braun Strowman onto the steel ramp at SummerSlam 2018,” Owens said. “I felt a ringing in my body for about four months after. I don’t know if anything was structurally wrong, but not long after, I took six months off. I don’t know if that was related, but it didn’t help. I felt that for a long time.”

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