Gunther Riddle WWE Money in the Bank
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WWE Money In The Bank: GUNTHER vs. Matt Riddle Result

GUNTHER‘s Intercontinental Championship reign lives to see another day.

In the third match of the night at WWE Money in the Bank, Matt Riddle challenged GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship.

Riddle did his best trying to keep his towering opponent grounded by attempting a Kimura lock and triangle choke, however GUNTHER always found a way out with his devastating chops.

Riddle’s knee and ankle then became a target of the champ with a knee bar. When GUNTHER went for a big splash, Riddle trapped the champ in another triangle. The closing moments saw GUNTHER powerbomb Riddle and trap him in another knee bar for the submission victory.

As GUNTHER celebrated, Drew McIntyre’s music hit to a thunderous reaction from the O2 Arena. After the two stared each other down, a brawl ensued and McIntyre laid GUNTHER out with a Claymore.

Check out a full recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

Intercontinental Championship Match: Gunther (c) vs. Matt Riddle

Riddle tries a single leg, but Gunther stuffs it. Riddle lands a leg kick. Gunther narrowly escapes a kimura by Riddle. Rope hanging arm by Riddle. Riddle lands a flurry of kicks. Gunther obliterates Riddle with a chop. Riddle tries to fire back. Overhead kick by Riddle. Riddle ducks a chop and tries to roll Gunther into a knee bar. Gunther stands out of the hold and stomps on Riddle’s chest. Gunther takes Riddle down and rips off his protective ankle wrap. Gunther works over Riddle’s ankle. German suplex by Gunther. Gunther goes back to Riddle’s ankle.

Riddle tries a senton, but Gunther turns it into a rear naked choke. Riddle flips out of a German suplex but lands awkwardly on his ankle. Head kick by Riddle lands the floating Bro. Gunther tries a splash. Riddle counters with a triangle. Gunter turns it into a single-leg crab. Riddle tries to kick his way out of it. Gunther punches Riddle in his injured ankle over and over again. Gunther drops down into a knee bar/ankle lock. Riddle taps out immediately.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion, Gunther!

Before Gunther can celebrate, Drew McIntyre’s music hits. McIntyre power walks to the ring. Gunther mushes McIntyre in the face. Glasgow Kiss by McIntyre. McIntyre floors Gunther with the Claymore.

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