Bloodline Civil War WWE Money in the Bank 2023
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WWE Money In The Bank: Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa vs. The Usos Result

The Bloodline went to war at WWE Money in the Bank.

The bout started off on a fairly slow note with Sikoa and Jimmy as the first legal competitors. Jey tagged in and emulated The Rock with some hefty strikes to Sikoa before mimicking their father Rikishi with a corner hip attack. Reigns squashed Jey’s momentum with a pair of Superman punches, but when he geared up for a spear, The Usos surprised him with a double spear.

All four men rose to their feet as the battle lines were clearly drawn. Punches were thrown until Reigns knocked Jimmy down with a Superman punch. Jimmy managed to go for a splash, but then Reigns caught him with the guillotine.

After referee Dan Engler took a spill out to the floor, The Usos connected with 1D on The Tribal Chief. Sikoa and Reigns took control with simultaneous uranages to set up Reigns spearing Jey while Sikoa spiked him. Sikoa stacked Jimmy on top of Jey as the ref rolled back in, but the brothers both kicked out.

Sikoa then splashed through the announcer’s desk when Jimmy rolled out of the way. Back in the ring, Reigns speared Jey for a nearfall as Jey’s arm low-blowed Reigns in the process. Superkicks knocked down both Sikoa and Reigns, which allowed Jey to splash Reigns for the three-count.

Jey Uso is the first person to pin Roman Reigns since Baron Corbin did in December 2019.

Check out a full recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

Bloodline Civil War: Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa w/Paul Heyman vs. The Usos

Reigns decides to let Sikoa start the match. The crowd is all over Reigns. An “F-you Roman” chant breaks out. Sikoa slams Jimmy right out the gate. Sikoa lets out a war cry. Jimmy stares a hole through his brother. Jimmy ducks a clothesline from Sikoa and lands a few chops. Sikoa floors Jimmy with a right hand. Jimmy distracts the referee so Jey can sneak attack Sikoa. The crowd loves it. Reigns screams at Sikoa to stop. Reigns wants a tag. Sikoa reluctantly tags out.

Reigns laughs as Jey look on. Jey fires up and takes off his shirt, and tosses it into the crowd. Jey is ready for this. The two combatants lock up Reigns grabs a side headlock. Jimmy and Jey almost land a double superkick, but Reigns rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Reigns confers with Heyman and Sikoa. Heyman asks Reigns if he wants his sons sitting at Jey’s table, answering to him? Heyman tells Reigns to go fight for his family. Reigns gets back in the ring and beats Jey into the corner with rights and lefts. Reigns gets caught up arguing with the referee.

Jey lands a right hand and sets up the corner 10 punches. Sikoa motions towards Jey. Jey drops off the top and pops Sikoa with a stiff punch. Reigns runs over Jey. Sikoa and Jey take turns beating down Jey. Jey manages to tag in Jimmy. Jimmy runs into a nasty forearm by Sikoa. Jimmy isn’t a movie. The referee checks on Jimmy. The crowd sings a song about how much Reigns sucks. Reigns pouts and asks Heyman why they are here. England sucks. Back in the ring, Sikoa beats down Jimmy.

Jimmy avoids a Superman Punch. A crossbody by Jimmy sends both men over the top. Reigns and Jimmy tag out at the same time. Jey lands a series of strikes. Crossbody off the top by Jey. Sikoa kicks out. Sikoa crawls to the corner. Jey lands a running hip attack. Jey tries another, but Sikoa counters by picking him up in a fireman’s carry. Reigns gets a blind tag. Jey dumps Sikoa over the top. JReigns off the apron by Jey. Jey lands a dive on Reigns and then Sikoa.

Reigns counters Jey’s second dive with a Superman Punch. Reigns calls for the Spear. Jimmy and Jey respond with a double Spear on Reigns. Reigns kicks out. All four men end up in the ring, which leads to a standoff. All four men brawl. Reigns gets a near fall after a Superman Punch on Jimmy. Reigns calls for a Spear. Jimmy surprises Reigns with a Superkick. Reigns stumbles. Jimmy superkicks Reigns again. Jimmy attempts the Uso Splash. Reigns counter with a Guillotine. Jimmy almost goes out but fires up and drives Reigns into his corner. Jey gets a tag. Reigns locks in another guillotine. Reigns and Jimmy fall into the referee, knocking him out.

The Usos hit the 1D on Reigns, but there is no referee. Reigns and Sikoa land Rock Bottoms on Jimmy and Jey. Sikoa holds Jey and hits a Samoan Spike while Reigns hits a Spear. Sikoa pulls Jimmy on top of Jey. Reigns pins Jimmy and Jey at the same time. Both Usos kick out at 2.9. Reigns and Sikoa are both shocked. Sikoa sends Jimmy into the ring steps. Sikoa clears the commentary desk. Reigns tells Sikoa to destroy him. Sikoa superkicks Jimmy onto the table. Sikoa tries a splash off the barricade.

Jimmy moves out of the way. Reigns doesn’t know what to do. Jey superkicks Reigns. Reigns lands a Superman Punch. Superkick by Jey. Spear by Reigns. Jey kicks out, and low blows Reigns in the process! Sikoa gets on the apron and gets superkick for his troubles. Jimmy and Jey double superkick Reigns. Jey lands the Uso Splash FOR THE WIN! ROMAN REIGNS HAS FINALLY BEEN PINNED!

Winners- The Usos

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