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Photo by Shedrick Pelt/Getty Images for SXSW

Zelina Vega Explains Why Stephanie McMahon Is On Her Mount Rushmore Of Women’s Wrestling

Zelina Vega is one of the biggest female superstars in WWE currently. In a recent interview with, Vega was asked about her own personal Mt. Rushmore of women’s wrestling and she revealed a surprise inclusion into the group.

When asked who she would choose as part of her Mt. Rushmore of women’s wrestling, Zelina Vega included a handful of iconic stars like Trish Stratus and Lita, but also name-dropped WWE’s Stephanie McMahon. According to Vega, it’s “for a number of reasons” too, including her work behind the scenes.

“I would definitely include Trish Stratus. I would definitely include Lita, Chyna…Stephanie McMahon for a number of reasons, too. She doesn’t get enough credit, because she was an incredible performer, and you know, what she did behind the scenes, but what she did in the ring, too. I looked up to her so much, especially being a manager at one point. So it’s definitely Stephanie…Alundra Blayze, I mean, there’s so many.”

Zelina Vega was a competitor in the 2023 Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match in London. Check out full results from the event here.