The Usos
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The Usos Say Their Goal Is A WrestleMania Singles Match Against Each Other

The Usos have not pitched splitting up anytime soon but they have a long term goal of having a singles WrestleMania match against each other.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, The Usos discussed not wanting to split up yet but wanting to ultimately have a singles match at the grandest stage of them all someday.

Jimmy Uso said, “We never pitched a split. This naturally, organically happened. If Jey is the one right now, let’s go, and Vice versa. What’s kept us wanting to be a tag team has put us here today. We’ve been so, ‘we’re going to be the best damn tag team in the world,’ which we are. Now we also have a chance to be the best damn singles champion ever.”

Jey chimed in by saying, “Before our career is done. That’s our number one dream of happening. Me vs. him at WrestleMania. It’s like back in the living room. From day one, this is what we always wanted to do. I want my dad to be involved. I want my whole family to run this thing. Me being against my brother, my heart would be filled with joy.”

The Usos are coming off one of the biggest wins in their career over the weekend as Jey Uso pinned Roman Reigns in a match that saw Reigns pinned for the first time since King Corbin pinned him in December of 2019 at TLC.

Thanks to Fightful for providing transcriptions of the interview that you can watch below.

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