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Photo Credit: WWE

Cody Rhodes On Seth Rollins: Maybe We’ll End Up Growing To Be Friends At Some Point

Cody Rhodes doesn’t exactly get along with Seth Rollins but he could see them being friends one day.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Cody Rhodes shared how he celebrated his birthday on the road this year. Rhodes said he was greeted with a backstage celebration that included Seth Rollins, someone he’s had some friction with in the past.

“It’s one of those birthdays where you kinda want less attention on the birthday, but it was very nice,” Rhodes said. “I came back, and someone who has no reason to like me and we don’t necessarily get along, that being our World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, had a cake provided for me from the production team, and I got to blow the candles out, and I made a wish, the whole deal. It was nice.”

Rhodes previously told Helwani that he believed their real-life issues stemmed from professional jealousy, but he could see a day when they become friends.

“I think, I don’t know, maybe we’ll end up growing to be friends at some point,” Rhodes said. “We got daughters. I love Becky, I do. Seth just… [sighs], but a great, great wrestler. Big-time superstar.”

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