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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Dolph Ziggler’s Brother Posts Controversial Video About Viral Trend

Ryan Nemeth tried the Grimace shake with … interesting results.

AEW star Ryan Nemeth posted the following video on social media showing what happened when he tried McDonald’s new Grimace shake.

For those unaware, the Grimace shake resulted in a trend on social media where users are sharing what happens after they drink the delightful frozen purple concoction.

Countless influencers and celebrities are sharing their videos, ranging from Courteney Cox to McKenna Grace, and now Dolph Ziggler‘s brother is getting in on the trend.

“Can someone promise to post this on Reddit for me? Give it a good clickbait y-headline like “ZIGGLER’S BROTHER POSTS CONTROVERSIAL VIDEO” or “THREE HUNKS ONE CUP” or whatever you want,” Ryan Nemeth wrote. “I just want more views on this, thanks”

It’s not Reddit, but you’re welcome!

Standing Out

Although he has some fun with it online, Ryan Nemeth has addressed comparisons to Dolph Ziggler in the past. Nemeth told Chris Van Vliet there are going to be similarities but he tries to stand out on his own.

“There are similarities. We are brothers, we are related. We were both trained by the exact same people in wrestling. [He and I] grew up wrestling for the same school together. But I will say I’ve spent my entire wrestling career looking and dressing the exact opposite of him,” said Nemeth. “He had blond hair, I dyed mine black. He wore pants, I wore shorts. No matter what I do, for a decade, any time I’m in a match, the Internet says I’m a carbon copy of him,” Nemeth explained. “But we’ve had pretty different lives. He was a college wrestler, I focused more on acting and writing. In the past few years, to do so many of these things together is awesome. I never felt like we were competing for anything though.”