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Wheeler Yuta Reveals His Main Goal Going Into Blood And Guts

Wheeler Yuta will enter his second Blood and Guts match as a member of Blackpool Combat Club later this month.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Wheeler Yuta was a recent guest on The Battleground Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the upcoming Blood and Guts match between Blackpool Combat Club and The Elite on July 19, Yuta said his goal is to just come out of the match with a win.

“I think my goal is, just like I said before, it’s just to come out with a win,” Wheeler Yuta said. “I think that after having last year’s Blood and Guts, I really have more of a sense of the match. So I know how to use the tools a little bit better. I never had a cage match before that. So now I know how to use the cage. I know how to use all these different things to our advantage.

“Of course, having the man advantage is a big deal. Like last year, we were down a man, so every time a new person came in, it would be Jericho Appreciation Society first and then BCC. So it’s like a bunch of mini-handicap matches. So knowing how to take all those elements and use them to our advantage, I think is going to be a big thing.

“But yeah, I would love to get another win just like I did with the pay-per-view. And that would be like my ultimate goal is to win this one for the BCC, but as long as we get our hands raised at the end, again, I don’t really care how it happens.”

Before we get to Blood and Guts later this month, Yuta must step into the ring with Kenny Omega this week on AEW Dynamite. A match that Yuta hopes will help end the war with The Elite before they even get to Boston.

“As far as the match with Kenny, I think that it’s going to be something special,” Wheeler Yuta said. “It’s another opportunity for me to continue to prove myself as a member of the BCC, and it’s an opportunity for me honestly to end the war before we even get to Blood and Guts.

“My goal is that in Blood and Guts, we’ll walk out there, and it’ll just be a massacre or a surrender. It’ll be one or the other. Because I’ll have already decided the war by taking out Kenny, so that’s, that’s my goal for it, and hopefully, I get it done in Edmonton.”

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What do you make of Wheeler Yuta’s comments? Who do you think will win the war between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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