Gable Steveson WWE NXT
Image Credit: WWE

Gable Steveson Appears On 7/4 WWE NXT, Eddy Thorpe Wins NXT Underground Match

Gable Steveson made his presence known on the July 4 episode of WWE NXT.

On the special holiday episode, Eddy Thorpe faced Damon Kemp in an NXT Underground Match, which marked the first time fans had seen that kind of stipulation since the RAW Underground days in 2020. Ahead of the match, Steveson agreed to train Thorpe, and this process was showcased in a video package on the June 27 episode.

On the July 4 episode of NXT, Steveson accompanied Thorpe to the ring. Thorpe and Kemp battled it out, and in one highlight, Damon got into a staredown with Steveson, his real-life brother. Kemp took a big swing when he powerbomed Thorpe out of the ring. But in the end, Thorpe scored the win when he locked in a submission hold and seemingly make Kemp pass out, as the referee called for the bell.

After the match, Steveson entered the ring and dished out some suplexes to some of the people who were at ringside for the NXT Underground bout.

Steveson is an Olympic gold medalist, and he signed with WWE in 2021. He was drafted to WWE RAW in 2021, and he has made a few appearances since then.

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