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Adam Cole: People Don’t Realize Jay Lethal Is A Complete Package, He’s Dependable 24/7

Adam Cole doesn’t think Jay Lethal gets enough credit for how much of a complete package he is in the world of professional wrestling.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Adam Cole was a recent guest on Superstar Crossover to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked who he believes is the most underrated wrestler in the business today, Cole didn’t even hesitate when he named Jay Lethal.

“Oh, Jay Lethal. Without question,” Adam Cole said. “Yeah, and when I say underrated, I know Jay works for AEW. So a lot of lot of people could say he’s not necessarily underrated. He’s on television every week. He does amazing things, but sometimes I don’t think people realize how much of a complete package that Jay Lethal is.

“He is a bell the bell, easily top three I’ve ever been in the ring with as far as the guy who can do anything and everything. He’s an amazing babyface. He’s an amazing heel. He’s amazing on the microphone. You can throw him in a tag team match. You could throw him in a 45-minute singles match. He could open the show, he could be in the middle of the card, he could main event, and all of it fits.

“Jay is one of those guys you can absolutely always 24/7 depend on. He is one of the best pro wrestlers I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing the ring with, and I feel like not enough people talk about how he’s one of the best of our generation. I think Jay Lethal is unbelievable.”

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What do you make of Adam Cole’s comments? Do you think Jay Lethal is the most underrated wrestler in the business today? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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