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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Mercedes Martinez Will Always Choose Ring Of Honor: That’s Where The Magic Happens

Mercedes Martinez explains why Ring Of Honor is her “home base.”

During a recent interview with Cultaholic Wrestling, Mercedes Martinez discussed the differences between competing on AEW Dynamite and Ring of Honor.

“There is a difference. With the AEW roster, and it’s with any big company, it’s still a chance to thrive. I still believe they haven’t reached their shoot potential,” Martinez said. “Yeah, you have your big matches here and there, but there is no chances of matchups. Me being there, I’m not able to wrestle someone like Jade [Cargill], I haven’t wrestled Anna Jay, I haven’t wrestled Skye Blue or Britt Baker in a singles, or Kris Statlander in a singles. In the AEW division, there is so much potential there, but there’s just not enough time to have these matchups.

“Whereas in Ring of Honor, you can have those matchups. You can have matchups from outside of your roster. You can bring in people from the independents or from overseas. That’s where Ring of Honor is so close to home for me and why I love Ring of Honor. That’s where the magic happens, that’s where creativity happens, that’s where those dream matches are going to happen is in Ring of Honor.

“Not to say one is better than the other, but if I had to choose which one, I will always go with Ring of Honor because that’s my home base. It always has been. It’s always been the pinnacle of trying to build their division. It’s where I’m going to get those banger matches that is going to give me 10-12 minutes, compared to an AEW match where you get 5-6 minutes because you’re constrained to a TV time compared to a streaming time.”

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