Jimmy Uso WWE SmackDown
Image Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns Put On Trial, Jimmy Uso Taken Out On A Stretcher On 7/7 WWE SmackDown

Tribal Court ended in chaos.

The July 7 episode of WWE SmackDown opened with The Usos conducting Tribal Court after Jey pinned Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank. Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa initially confronted The Usos first before Reigns made his way out separately.

At first, Reigns went off on his cousins, noting that he was a WrestleMania headliner long before The Bloodline and that he didn’t need the faction. Then he claimed to be done with The Bloodline and placed his necklace around Jey’s neck. He took off his Universal title and bowed before Jey only to low-blow him.

Jimmy went after Reigns in retaliation, but Sikoa made the save. After Sikoa eyed the necklace on the mat, he hit Jimmy with the Samoan Spike and picked up the necklace. While Reigns waited for Sikoa to hand it over, Jey attacked them both for a moment. Sikoa planted him on the mat and then Reigns hit Jimmy with a Superman Punch.

Sikoa tied Jey in the ropes while Reigns hit Jimmy with the steel steps at ringside. But once Jey broke free, he continued to punch Reigns until Sikoa spiked him again. To finish it off, Sikoa splashed through the announce desk with Jimmy on top of it.

Following the attack, Jimmy was stretchered out of Madison Square Garden while Jey stayed by his side.

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