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Hulk Hogan Reflects On Recent Lifestyle Change, No Longer Drinks Alcohol

Hulk Hogan is taking better care of himself as of late by being more strict about what he puts inside his body.

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan recently sat down with Men’s Health to discuss a wide variety of subjects. While showing off what he has in his fridge, Hogan revealed that he no longer drinks alcohol because it made him way too aggressive.

“I don’t drink alcohol at all,” Hulk Hogan said. “It got to be a way to numb me a little bit because I had a bunch of crazy business problems and personal stuff going on, and I caught myself after I would train, getting too aggressive with alcohol. So I just had to stop it.”

In addition to dropping alcohol, Hogan revealed that he’s completely shifted his lifestyle by changing what he eats, resulting in him losing a lot of weight in the process.

“About 15 years ago, my body kinda shut down on me. I had several knee surgeries, and then after wrestling 40 years almost, my body shut down on me,” Hulk Hogan said. “I went in for one back surgery, and it was turned into ten back surgeries. Both knees needed to be replaced. Both hips were replaced. A couple surgeries on my face from getting my orbital socket broken a couple times. And it ended up being 25 or 26 surgeries, or a couple more, over a 10- or 12-year period.

“So it changed the game on me. It made everything different for me, and I changed my whole lifestyle because, at the time, being in so much pain and getting older and older, I couldn’t carry that much weight. When you are sedentary and not wrestling or moving every night, it’s easy to put weight on. So, I decided to drop weight and get down to about 265. Actually, the last time I weighed 265 was in ninth grade.” [H/T: Coming Soon]

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