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David Finlay: Bullet Club Will Collect Gold, We Plan On Taking Over

NJPW star David Finlay says Bullet Club is taking over, as they want to collect gold.

Since Finlay took over Bullet Club in March 2023, the group has changed a lot, as El Phantasmo was kicked out, and new members Clark Connors, Alex Coughlin, Dan Moloney, and Gabe Kidd have joined the faction. Finlay, Connors, Coughlin, Moloney, and Kidd have all won titles since they joined the stable.

In an interview with NJPW’s website, Finlay was asked to describe what’s next for the group, and he made it clear that they’re coming for all the gold.

“BULLET CLUB will be collecting gold left, right and center. I’ve formed a team of killers, guys you want to cross the street to avoid if you see them,” Finlay said. “We’re all like minded, all with the same focus. We plan on sending a message to the entire wrestling world that we’re taking over.”

When the interviewer noted that SANADA’s IWGP World Heavyweight Championship would likely be the main target and asked Finlay whether he’d want to face the champion, he stated that he wants the title, no matter who holds it. Finlay stated that he aims to win the championship to prove that he’s the best, and he’ll use Bullet Club as a weapon to get what he wants.

“If SANADA is still the champion, that makes things a little sweeter for me, because I get my revenge on him, but I don’t really care,” Finlay said. “The ultimate goal is that IWGP World Heavyweight title. Right now, I hold the NEVER belt, and that shows the world that I am the baddest on the planet. The world title signifies that you are the best. That’s what I need to accomplish, and like I said, BULLET CLUB is a weapon, and one I’m willing to use to get what I want.”

Finlay will have a chance to earn a world title shot when he competes in the G1 Climax. More information is available here.

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