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Natalya Wants To Wrestle Dolph Ziggler, The ‘Cal Ripken’ Of The WWE Men’s Roster

Natalya wouldn’t mind having a showdown with WWE’s true “Iron Man.”

In an interview with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Natalya noted that Rhea Ripley has expressed her interest in wrestling men. Natalya said she would also like to have the opportunity to do so.

“I know [Rhea Ripley] wants to wrestle the men. I actually love wrestling men, too,” Natalya said. “It’s funny because Rhea’s talked a lot about wrestling men, but when I was training in the dungeon, I didn’t really have any other girls to train with. There was only like one other woman that would come in occasionally.

“I would always just wrestle men, so I learned how to wrestle with my cousins, and Jack Evans actually was one of my first couches along with my husband, TJ, where Jack Evans was trying to teach me how to do Dragonranas. I love, love, love wrestling because you can hit them a little harder.”

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Asked what men would she want to face in WWE, Natalya had an immediate answer.

Dolph Ziggler. Dolph is so versatile, he’s so good,” Natalya said. “People have said, Dolph Ziggler is the Cal Ripken of the men of WWE, and Natty, you’re the Cal Ripken of the women in WWE.’ But I look at Dolph, and he’s just been so consistently good for so long. But if I was gonna wrestle against somebody, a male, it would be Dolph. I think he’s so well-rounded. He’s like the Mr. Perfect of today’s generation. So Dolph would be one of the people that I’d love to wrestle.”

Natalya also said she’d love to work with Chad Gable and The Usos, praising the latter’s ability to tell a story in the ring.

“I’d love to wrestle against [Chad] Gable. I think Gable is wildly talented. The Usos are incredible. I watched them on the live event. If I could wrestle against The Usos, they just have this magic about them in the ring, and it’s not just about the moves. It’s about the way they tell stories with their eyes.” 

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