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Cody Rhodes Describes How He Is Still On The Hunt For His Own Legacy

Cody Rhodes is still carving out his own legacy.

“The American Nightmare’ has established himself as one of WWE’s top stars; he won the Royal Rumble match in January 2023, and he headlined WrestleMania 39. Cody, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and the brother of former WWE star Dustin Rhodes, continues to reach higher as he aims to cement his individual legacy.

Speaking on Keyshawn, JWill & Max on ESPN Radio, Cody was asked what it’s like to be part of wrestling royalty, and he described how he wants to be better than his father in order to honor him.

“I think a bit secret that there is when it comes to second or third generation wrestlers, honesty this trickles down to any athlete, that your parent came before you and did something great, it’s a thing you don’t always say is, ‘Yeah, I want to honor them, I want to honor my mom or my dad,’ but also you want to be better than they were, and not in a negative way,” Rhodes said. “You want to take it a step further.

“For me, winning the Royal Rumble, my dad passed away in 2015, and it’s so unique that he’s not able to really see it, but I feel like he’s still here with me. But to be able to do some things they he never touched, and Dusty did everything. So to be able to win the Royal Rumble, to go to WrestleMania and be the main event of the biggest thing that’s ever involved in wrestling since the turn of the century, I’m blessed, I’m lucky. But I’m still on the hunt.

Cody then described how he’s looking forward to WWE SummerSlam, and he teased that he’ll make an announcement about his plans for the show on the July 10 episode of WWE RAW. He then emphasized that, as a member of a wrestling family, he wants to be looked at differently, and while he wants to be better than Dusty and Dustin, they established an impressive path.

“You mentioned SummerSlam, tonight, Buffalo [RAW], I’m excited because hopefully I’m gonna get to talk about what I’m gonna do at SummerSlam,” he said. “But still on the hunt to find my own legacy because the tricky thing when you’re in these families is you want look at everybody on a different page and say, ‘Oh, they were different, they did this, and he was different, he did this.’ That’s my way of honoring them is trying to be better than both dad and brother, and that’s certainly a struggle because they laid a great path. 

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