the undertaker shark
Photo Credit: Michelle McCool / Twitter

The Undertaker Scares A Shark Away By Staring At It

The Undertaker is one of the most intimidating figures in the ring… and on the beach.

Michelle McCool was enjoying a book on the beach when she noticed a shape in the water. McCool thought it was vegetation, but it turned out to be a shark. McCool says she then sent a text to her husband, The Undertaker, who came to the rescue.

The Undertaker didn’t use his phenom powers to chase the shark away. No, he simply… stared it into retreat.

“I was simply enjoying a book on the beach when this “vegetation” looked a lot like a shark,” McCool wrote. “[S]o I text hubby @undertaker ??kinda digging that last picture …A LOT?#myprotector”

The Undertaker has been open about struggling with coming to terms with retiring. He previously said he’d probably still be in the ring if it were up to Vince McMahon, at least on a part-time basis.

“[Vince] never envisioned me leaving, you know, retiring. If it would have been up to him, I’d still be out there, at least chokeslamming somebody now and then,” he told Ariel Helwani. “I just don’t think he ever thought the day would come where I would say yeah, I’m done.”

Despite that, Undertaker says he knew it was time to call it quits, noting that he came to a “moment of clarity” that signaled the end.

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