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Mike Bennett And Matt Taven Are Ghostbusters Marks Through And Through

If you’ve ever wondered if Mike Bennett and Matt Taven‘s Proton Pack finisher is Ghostbusters related, it most certainly is.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Mike Bennett was a recent guest on AEW Unrestricted with Aubrey Edwards and Will Washington. Bennett was asked if he and Matt Taven still exchange Ghostbusters quotes in the ring. Bennett went on to explain their obsession with the film, calling it the greatest movie of all time.

“Not only do we quote [it] to each other in the ring, we quote Ghostbusters to each other in the back. We quote Ghostbusters to each other through text message,” Mike Bennett said. “It’s this ongoing joke with Maria, where she says you guys just bounce random movie line quotes off each other because me and Matt are the same age.

“We have the same sense of humor. We grew up watching the same types of movies, the same comedy movies, we like all the same comedic actors. So all we do is bounce these lines off of each other and having been ’80s babies, we grew up on Ghostbusters. So to us, Ghostbusters is the greatest movie of all time, and that’s why we literally call our finish the Proton Pack.

“And the time right before we hit it, Taven yells out some sort of Ghostbuster line, either ‘aim for the flat top’ or ‘don’t cross the streams’ or something before we do it. We always had some sort of Ghostbuster line.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever told this story. But when I left Ring of Honor the first time to go to IMPACT right before my very last match. I looked at Taven and I said ‘it’s been a pleasure working with you Dr. Venkman.’ That’s at the very end of Ghostbusters before they go and cross the streams. It just was — we’re Ghostbuster marks through and through.”

“Back Off, Man. I’m A Scientist.”

When asked if he remembered when this started, Bennett said he didn’t because he’s known Matt Taven for his entire career as he was one of the people who helped train him.

“We’re just two giant goofballs who just tried to make each other laugh the entire time,” Mike Bennett said. “Like that’s the goal. That’s why we are best friends. The way I met Taven was I was helping train at a school in Massachusetts. I actually helped train Taven.

“So I’ve known him his entire career. The first time we met the way we started talking, it was like a ‘did we just become best friends?’ type of situation because it was instant. And from that point on we’ve just been quoting Ghostbusters. We’ll say the most random crap in our match. You’ll see it’s literally every single time just to pop us or it’s to get Maria to roll her eyes like, ‘what is wrong with you?’ But that’s always the goal.”

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