WWE RAW Results

WWE Raw Results (7/17/23)

WWE Raw Results Results

July 17, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

In-Ring Segment: The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes

The Atlanta, Georgia, crowd showers Rhodes with a “welcome home” chant. Rhodes looks out at the WWE Universe with a tear in his eye. Rhodes asks Atlanta what they want to talk about. There is a huge shadow lurking overhead, so they don’t really need to talk. That shadow is Brock Lesnar. No, they don’t need to talk. Lesnar should come to the ring and accept his challenge. Rhodes demands that Lesnar come to the ring right now. Nothing happens. An incredulous Rhodes screams that this is typical. Lesnar is going to be fashionably late. Lesnar may show up at 9 PM. Rhodes will be in the ring waiting for him. If Lesnar shows up at night’s end, Rhodes will be in the ring waiting for him.

This is the city that built him, but the woman who built him is in the front row. Rhodes considers his mother the toughest person he knows and credits her as the person who gave him his fire. It would be hard times if he had to use two words to describe his relationship with Lesnar. But it’s not going to be hard times for him. It will be hard times for Lesnar. Rhodes rolls out of the ring and hugs his mother. As Rhodes embraces his mother, Lesnar’s music hits. Rhodes makes runs to the ramp and waits. The music cuts, and Lesnar never comes out. Rhodes starts to walk up the ramp, and Lesnar’s music plays again. Rhodes gets ready. Still, no Lesnar.

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Rhodes storms backstage. A chair flies out of the entrance before Rhodes is sent flying back out on the stage. Lesnar walks out and beats down Rhodes. Lesnar drags Rhodes in front of his mother in the crowd. F5 by Rhodes. Rhodes’ mother screams for Lesnar to stop. Lesnar locks Rhodes in the Kimura. Lesnar tosses Rhodes back into the ring. Before Rhodes can react, Lesnar locks him in the Kimura again. Rhodes screams in pain. Lesnar releases the hold and tells Rhodes his challenge for a SummerSlam is accepted.

During the break, Lesnar rushes back to the ring and attacks Rhodes with a steel chair.

Matt Riddle vs. Intercontinental Gunther (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci are barred from ringside)

Gunther forces Riddle into the corner. Riddle counters into a rear naked choke. Gunther almost counters into a choke of his own. Riddle locks Gunther in a flying triangle. Gunther picks Riddle up off the mat. Both men fall over the top rope. PK off the apron by Riddle. Riddle leaps off the ringsteps into a chop from Gunther. Gunther slams Riddle out on the floor. After the break, Riddle and Gunther trade strikes.

Gunther walks into an exploder from Riddle. Gunther fires back with a nasty series of chops. German suplex by Gunther. Gunther almost decapitated Riddle with a lariat. Riddle somehow kicks out. Ripcord Knee by Riddle. Gunther drops to his knees. Riddle lands a running knee to the back of Gunther’s head. Riddle tries the Floating Bro. Gunther gets his knees up. Shotgun dropkick by Gunther. Gunther hits a Powerbomb for the win.

Winner- Gunther

After the match, Gunther stands on the commentary desk and grabs a mic. Gunther tells the crowd they can boo all they want. Tonight is the greatest night in their sad lives. They got to see the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. Riddle is done. Gunther is building a legacy. Drew McIntyre is welcome to step up. He, too, will fall to the Ring General.

In-Ring Segment: The Judgement Day

Rhea Ripley says The Judgement Day is better than ever. Anyone who thought they were gonna break up was sadly mistaken. No fragile egos will destroy this group. They don’t just run Monday Night Raw; they dominate it. Raquel Rodriguez just found that out. Finn Bálor and Damian Priest will become champions. Her Dirty Dom will become the new NXT North American Champion. Dominik tries telling the crowd that he will beat Wes Lee on NXT, but the crowd’s boos drown him out.

Damian Priest tries to repeat Dominik’s words, only to be drowned out. Priest notes he’s guaranteed to become a world champion as he holds up the MITB briefcase. Bálor glares at Priest. Priest reminds Bálor that they agreed Bálor would get the first crack at Seth Rollins. Bálor promises to beat Rollins for the WWE World Championship. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn interrupt. Zayn asks the crowd if they came here to listen to Dominik speak or if they want to see someone shut Dominik up.

Zayn says they are lucky because they get to shut Dominik up tonight. Priest says if they are so confident, why not put their Undisputed Tag Team Championship on the line? Zayn says he will leave it to his partner to respond. Owens screams as long as he gets to Stun Priest and put his fist through Dominik’s stupid face, he doesn’t care if the titles are on the line.

Backstage, Adam Pearce asks the Doctor if Rodriguez can go tonight. The Doctor is hesitant. Rodriguez is cleared, but he would like to do some scans. Rodriguez says they aren’t going to lose their titles due to injury again. She’s going to go tonight. Pearce says ok.

WWE Undisputed Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan (c) vs. Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green

As soon as the bell rings, Deville boots Morgan in the face. Green and Deville double suplex Morgan. Morgan manages to tag in Rodriguez. Rodriguez clears the ring while favoring her injured knee. Rodriguez misses a spear in the corner. Deville traps Rodriguez in a single-leg crab. Rodriguez struggles to get to the ropes. Morgan breaks up the hold. Rodriguez tags in Morgan.

Morgan hits Oblivion on Green. Deville breaks up Morgan’s pin with a vicious running knee strike. Deville pulls Rodriguez off the apron and chop blocks her. Morgan rolls up Green. Green kicks out, sending Morgan into the ropes. Deville nails Morgan. Green hits the Unprettiher. Morgan kicks out. Green hits another. Deville adds a running knee to Morgan’s head. Deville pins Morgan.

Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green!

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Viking Rules Match: The Viking Raiders w/Valhalla vs. The Alpha Academy w/Maxxine Dupri

Gable and Otis attack before the match starts. The ring is surrounded by all types of Viking stuff and a long boat attached to the ring. Valhalla is carrying Dupri’s letterman’s jacket. Gable lands a dive. Otis tells Gable to get the tables. Erik clubs Gable from behind. Ivar sends Otis into the long boat. Ivar lands a low crossbody, crushing Otis against the boat. The Viking Raider set up their springboard Hart Attack Clothesline.

Otis breaks it up and catches Ivar in the air for a powerslam. After the break, Otis breaks up Erik’s pin on Gable. Ivar lands a moonsault off the top to Otis. As Ivar tries to pin Otis. Gable breaks it up with a moonsault off the top of his own. Gable deadlift German suplexes Ivar. Erik breaks up the pin. Erik and Gable trade strikes. Gable sends Erik flying with a belly-to-belly. Diving headbutt by Gable. Valhalla breaks up the pin. Dupri flattens Valhalla with a crossbody off the top. Gable puts the jacket on Dupri.

Gable and Dupri celebrate. Valhalla spears Dupri through a table in the corner. Erik grabs Gable and sends him head-first into a shield. Otis hits the ring and obliterates Erik with a spinning elbow. Otis tosses Ivar and Erik all over the ring. Catapliar by Otis. Otis goes up top. Valhalla slaps Otis. Erik and Ivar pull Otis off the top and hit Ragnorok for the win.

Winners- The Viking Raiders

Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross

Cross attacks as soon as the bell rings. Baszler locks Cross in the Kirifuda Clutch. Cross taps out immediately.

Winner- Shayna Baszler

As Baszler celebrates, Ronda Rousey says, “The crowd goes mild.” She’s relaxing in the press box. Rousey says Baszler said she came in the back door and that was the easy way out. Rousey wasn’t given her spot, she took it. She eclipsed Baszler in less than a year. Baszler grabs a mic and says it’s easy for Rousey to talk from the press box. Baszler says she’s a better Ronda Rousey than Rousey.

Rousey rolls her eyes. Baszler tells Rousey to come to the ring so they can handle this right now. Rousey says nah, and tells Baszler to make her. Baszler rolls out of the ring and hops the barricade, only to be stopped by security. Rousey tells Baszler she’s gonna do her a favor and finally get her booked on SummerSlam. Rousey says, “I’ll see you in Detroit, bitch!” and storms off.

Miz TV

The Miz says he’s back. He beat Tomasso Ciampa last week. Miz notes played golf this past week with several mega stars like Charles Barkley and that overpaid loser Pat McAfee. Miz introduces his guest, who has been on a downward spiral as of late, Becky Lynch. Lynch joins Miz in the ring. Miz says Lynch lost to Trish Stratus, lost at MITB, and she lost to Zoey Stark last week. Miz asks Lynch if she’s lost a step. Lynch tosses all of the chairs out of the ring. She backs Miz into the ropes and says she may have lost a lot of things over the past year, including her mind, but she’s never lost a step.

She demands Miz do what he came her for and bring out Stratus and Stark. Miz says she’s right he does have surprise guests. Miz introduces Stratus and Stark. Lynch demands a rematch against Stratus. Stratus calls Lynch a toddler and quips that, for a second, she thought it was Lynch’s daughter in the ring. Lynch tells Stratus to keep her daughter’s name out of her mouth. Stratus says she already beat Lynch, so they are done here. They are moving on. Stratus wants one last thing: for Lynch to say thank you, Trish.

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Lynch says if Stratus is the goat, she will give her a rematch. Stratus gets caught up in Lynch’s rant and agrees to fight her. Stark tries to talk her out of it. Stratus has a few conditions. Lynch has to beat Stark first. Lynch agrees. Stratus adds that when Lynch loses, she has to get on her knees and says thank you, Trish. Lynch agrees. Lastly, Lynch has to get “Thank you, Trish” across her chest. Lynch agrees. Stratus and Stark attack Lynch. Lynch fires back, rips off Stratus’ protective face mask, and hits her in the nose. Lynch puts on the mask and headbutts Stark with it.

Bronson Reed vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Reed knocks Nakamura into the corner. Reed tries to mock good vibrations. Nakamura blocks it and lands a flurry of offense. Nakamura misses a diving knee off the apron. Reed blasts Nakamura with a running shoulder block off the apron. Nakamura gets to his feet, only to be run over by Reed. After the break, Nakamura gets a near fall after a flurry of strikes.

Nakamura tries a sleeper. Reed lifts Nakamura up and hits a DVD. Nakamura kicks out at two. Reed goes up top, only to b cut off by a kick from Nakamura. Nakamura catches Reed with a flying knee off the second rope. Reed kicks out. Nakamura calls for Kinshasa. Reed counters with a body block. Tomasso Ciampa hits the ring and attacks Reed from behind. Nakamura gets disqualified in the process.

Winner- Bronson Reed

After the match, Ciampa says something to Nakamura. Nakamura kicks Ciampa in the chest.

Backstage, Byron Saxton asks Nakamura what happened out there. Nakamura screams that he is tired of people getting involved in his business. Nakamura storms off.

Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (c) vs. The Judgement Day (Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio) w/Finn Bálor and Rhea Ripley

Before the match starts, Rollins hops the barricade and lands a dive on Bálor. Rollins and Bálor fight up the ramp backstage. Back in the ring, Priest Zayn lands a few strikes. Priest clocks Zayn before he can tag in Owens. Dominik tags in and eats a right hand from Zayn. Owens tags in and lands a senton after a drop toe hold from Zayn. Slingshot elbow by Owens. Dominik forces Zayn into the corner. Priest and Dominik work over Zayn. After a distraction from Ripley, Priest chokeslams Zayn on the apron. After the break, Zayn manages to tag in Owens. Owens clears the ring.

Owens lands a senton on Priest, and a frog splashes Dominik off the apron. Owens tries a swanton, but Priest gets his knees up. Dominik lands a splash off the top. Zayn breaks up the pin. Zayn and Pries both get dumped out of the ring. Owens tries a Stunner. Dominik escapes. Popup powerbomb by Owens. Priest breaks up the pin. Priest and Zayn get simultaneous tags. Zayn blasts Priest with a satellite DDT. Priest sends Zayn flying with a rana off the top. Zayn kicks out. Dominik gets a blind tag.

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Zayn sends Priest over the top. Dominik dropkicks Zayn into the ropes. Dominik calls for the 619. Zayn sidesteps and sends Dominik out of the ring. Owens and Zayn both land dives. Ripley sends Owens into the ring steps. Dominik rolls Zayn up. Zayn kicks out. Ripley gets up on the apron. Liv Morgan runs down to ringside and pulls Ripley off the apron. Morgan attacks Ripley. Morgan clotheslines Ripley over the barricade. Zayn suplexes Dominik into the corner. Zayn sets up the Helluva Kick. Priest tries to break it up. Owens rolls into the ring and Stuns Priest. Zayn Helluva Kicks Dominik and pins him.

Winners and STILL Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn!

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