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Image Credit: WWE

Bronco Nima And Lucien Price Win NXT Debut On 7/18 WWE NXT

Bronco Nima and Lucien Price have arrived in NXT.

Following a backstage confrontation with Axiom and SCRYPTS following the July 11 episode of WWE NXT, Nima and Price made their debut the following week. They faced Axiom and SCRYPTS in a tag team match, and as it turned out, SCRYPTS was apparently in cahoots with the newcomers.

During the tag team bout on Tuesday, the former Reggie blindsided Axiom as he turned on the masked man. This betrayal left him vulnerable to a beatdown at the hands of Price and Nima, who then scored the dominant win.

Axiom then walked to the back with the two powerhouses.

Price and Nima, two former college football players, signed with WWE in March 2022. They have been teaming up together on NXT Level Up, and they have now made the move to NXT.

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