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Lance Archer Wants To Chuck Sammy Guevara’s Ass Into The Ceiling And Beat Him

Lance Archer has his eyes set on a match with Sammy Guevara in All Elite Wrestling.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Lance Archer recently spoke with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about who he’d still like to face in AEW, Archer said he has a lot of revenge matches in mind but also pointed directly at Sammy Guevara who he’s never been able to share a ring with.

“There’s a lot of revenge matches on my mind,” Lance Archer said. “I would love to step back in the ring with Wardlow, his rise to where he’s gotten to today. Three-time TNT Champion. He’s somebody that I’d like to step in the ring with. I think we could deliver a monster battle that they’ve never seen in AEW or the business before.

“And then there’s so many guys like Sammy Guevara, who’s here at this convention today. We’re out of Texas, and we’ve never once ever stepped in the ring together. Never once. So I’d like to step into the ring, chuck his ass into the ceiling, and beat him too.”

When asked to cut a promo on Guevara, The Murderhawk Monster gets into character and delivers a warning to The Spanish God.

“Sammy Guevara, years after years of years, Texas, we’ve been around each other. You’ve never stepped in the ring with me, whether it was Wrestle Circus, AEW, or where ever we’ve been,” Lance Archer said. “If you want to step in the ring with me, I commend you because that’s bravery on another level.

“Because when you step in the ring with the Murderhawk Monster, it is a different level, a different level of pain, a different level of danger, and I’m going to put you in that danger, and I’m going to take you out. I’m going to make you do a little bit more than that 630 you like to do because I’m going to flip you, throw you, and chuck you over everything that I possibly can, and you’re gonna die because you know what? Everybody dies.”

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