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Samoa Joe Wants To See The ‘Do Or Die’ Format Return To Ring Of Honor

Samoa Joe would like to see Ring of Honor change some things up in the months to come.

The Ring of Honor World Television Champion Samoa Joe recently sat down with Ella Jay for SEScoops. When asked who he’d love to see join the company, Joe says he doesn’t believe that Ring of Honor has ever been about finding the guy as much as discovering the guy.

“At this point, you can name off 52 different people, and everybody would go on about it,” Samoa Joe said. “I will say this; I don’t think the strength Ring of Honor has ever lied in finding ‘the guy’ as far as like a guy out there and bring it in. I think its strength has been discovering the guy.

Do Or Die

“I’d love to see the ‘Do Or Die’ format return to Ring of Honor. We would have pre-show matches, and based on that crowd that night, a lot of people do or die, you know. Either you’re in or you’re out and it created a very different locker room environment. People who were in that locker room earned their way into that locker room. I think it’s a tradition that isn’t too crazy or very wild in its ideology. I’d love to see it come back. That’s what I think Ring of Honor is really about. 

“If I’m going to bring people into Ring of Honor, it’s finding that next person. [It’s] not a current person or the star, we can fit in there. I mean, those people there, they’re out there, and then it’s easy to say those names. But I think the future of rainwater pretty much lies in the future of professional wrestling.”

Ring Of Honor hosted five “Do Or Die” events between 2003-2005. The first event saw Joe successfully defend the ROH World Championship against Homicide. The format that was later adopted saw Do Or Die events run as a matinee before an evening ROH show. Most matches on these shows featured new and up-and-coming talent get opportunities to compete in front of the ROH audience.

Personalities Shine Through

Samoa Joe spoke with WrestleZone ahead of his title defense at Death Before Dishonor.

Joe was asked how ROH can continue to raise its profile while competing for attention alongside some of the bigger AEW shows. He said it’s about the talent establishing themselves and letting their personalities shine through.

“That’s just gonna be par for the course for AEW when they run big weekend events. That’s not to be unexpected,” Joe said. “Having big, marquee match-ups day after day is something AEW prides itself on, so that’s nothing new.

“To have Ring of Honor featured in that mix is very key. It’s really just a matter now of the performers on Ring of Honor now establishing themselves and [their] identities. There was a time of upheaval of the newness and it being integrated with AEW. Now, we’re in a period where you’ll start seeing the personalities of Ring of Honor start to shine through.”

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What do you make of Samoa Joe’s comments? What would you change right now to improve Ring of Honor as a company? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.