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Brandi Rhodes Announces Plans To Open Yoga & Pilates Studio This Fall

Fans may not see Brandi Rhodes on-screen in a wrestling setting for a while. However, she has revealed some exciting news about a personal project.

During the Tuesday night premiere of the “American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes” documentary, Brandi Rhodes shared an update on her whereabouts. Following the birth of her daughter Liberty Iris in 2021, Rhodes quietly began exploring a new venture. That venture has now blossomed into the official launch of her own yoga and pilates studio, which Rhodes says will open its door later this Fall.

“Finally revealed what I’ve been doing over the last year at last night’s red carpet. 200+ hours of yoga and Pilates training has lead me to open my OWN yoga + Pilates reformer studio with in-person and virtual app-based classes. So much more to come, opening Fall 2023,” Rhodes tweeted.

A New Journey

During a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Brandi Rhodes provided more details on how this upcoming launch came to fruition. Salcedo initially asked Rhodes when wrestling fans could expect her back in front of a camera. Rhodes admitted it may be a while before wrestling fans see her again on-screen due to her current focus on her fitness endeavors.

“I don’t think [my on-screen return] is going to happen anytime soon. I’ve been very candid and very quiet and working diligently for over a year now on a new journey. I decided a while ago that I was going to open a yoga and pilates studio. It really helped and healed me in so many ways after having Liberty, going through the changes that we went through. I just wanted to spread it to people,” Rhodes said.

“So, I’ve been working on that. I’m finally in construction and I’m hoping that in Fall 2023, we will be open. We will be on an online application. So people, hopefully worldwide, will be able to take place and take part and do some yoga and learn to feel good.”

Pay It Forward

Rhodes then dove deeper into her decision to start a yoga and pilates business. “I started doing yoga in the pandemic and I never went to a class. I always thought, ‘Oh, this just is not for me, I don’t belong here.’ I started doing yoga through Peloton, and the sense of community with Peloton felt so great. It actually encouraged me to step out and get into a studio post-pandemic.

“Then I was able to do yoga through the pregnancy. Just being able to come to that and feel accepted, especially in the world of sports entertainment, where ‘acceptance’ isn’t a word you ever really hear. It’s kind of like, ‘Do what everybody else wants you to do and do it perfectly or everybody hates you.’ Yoga is not like that. It’s ‘come show up as you are and work on yourself.’ It’s a practice. That’s why it’s called a yoga practice,” Rhodes explained. “You’re accepted where you are in the journey. So, I just felt like it was so beautiful. It was so wonderful for me to come to every time I felt a certain way in my life. It was just really healing and uplifting. So I’d like to pay it forward.”

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