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Booker T Explains Why He Wants Reality Of Wrestling On Peacock

Booker T believes that Reality of Wrestling could inspire the next generation of wrestlers if it were to stream on Peacock.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke with MuscleMan Malcolm to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked why he’s interested in having his independent promotion Reality of Wrestling added to Peacock, Booker T said he believes if younger people can see his product, it could inspire them to get into the business.

“I just feel like there’s no limits to where you can go these days,” Booker T said. “Because young people pretty much rule everything. And I think with Reality of Wrestling; I feel like we’re like the youngest wrestling company across the nation. One thing about young people doing it, young people see them, and they feel like they could be that as well.

“And I think having that it’s just something that’s beneficial that young people can see something that’s not unattainable. It’s hard to say, man; I can be John Cena. It’s hard to say that I could be Roman Reigns. When you see somebody at Reality of Wrestling, you say, man, I could do that. So I think that’s what it’s about, motivating young people.”

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