ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023
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ROH Death Before Dishonor Results (7/21/23)

ROH Death Before Dishonor Results – July 21, 2023

Welcome to WrestleZone’s live coverage of ROH Death Before Dishonor 2023!

Zero Hour: Josh Woods vs. Tracy Williams (Pure Rules)

Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs, and Jerry Lynn served as judges for this Pure Rules bout. Woods dominated at first, showcasing his strength. Williams eventually used up all three of his rope breaks. Woods traps Williams in a guillotine in the ropes and Williams is forced to tap.

Winner: Josh Woods

Zero Hour: The WorkHorsemen vs. Darius Martin & Action Andretti

Martin and Andretti started the bout by quickly clearing Henry and Drake out of the ring. The WorkHorsemen work their way back and keep Martin from making the tag for a period of time. Andretti gets the hot tag followed by a flurry of offense on both opponents. Drake nearly won over Martin, but Andretti slammed Henry onto them. Andretti manages to slam Drake with a neckbreaker assisted with a kick from Martin for the three-count. Code of Honor is adhered to after.

Winners: Action Andretti & Darius Martin

Commentators announce Andretti & Martin will face Bullet Club Gold on Saturday’s Collision.

Zero Hour: Leyla Hirsch vs. Trish Adora

They grapple at first, trying to ground each other with various holds. Adora targets the left shoulder before Hirsch rolls out to recover. Hirsch returns and works over Adora’s left arm instead. Adora gains momentum with a backbreaker on her knee. But after a series of traded pinfall attempts, Hirsch applies the armbar and Adora taps.

Winner: Leyla Hirsch

After the bout, Hirsch doesn’t adhere to Code of Honor and traps Adora in the armbar once again. Skye Blue runs down to chase Hirsch off. It’s confirmed that Blue will take on Taya Valkyrie on Collision.

Zero Hour: AR Fox vs. Shane Taylor

Taylor dominates initially until Fox dives out of the ring. Back inside, Taylor takes back over by keeping Fox grounded in the corner. Fox manages to hit a reverse 450 splash onto a standing Taylor outside the ring. In the ring, Fox avoids a chokeslam at first but then gets hit with a big splash. Taylor evades a cutter and reverses it into a driver, nearfall. Fox manages to pull Taylor off the top and plants him into the mat with a DVD. Fox lands the 450 splash for the win.

Winner: AR Fox

The main card gets underway with lucha action. WatchROH is not streaming the event properly.

Gravity vs. Komander

Komander hit a top rope frankensteiner and when he tried to drag Gravity into position, Gravity got the flash rollup on Komander for the win. The two celebrated together after the bout as it was announced that Gravity will face PAC on Wednesday’s Dynamite.

Winner: Gravity

ROH World Television Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Dalton Castle

Castle runs around the ring to start the bout. Joe finally corners him, but Castle gets Joe grounded briefly. Joe comes back with punches to knock Castle off his feet. At one point, Castle falls out of the ring, but The Boys catch him. Castle pulls down the rope so that Joe spills out. Castle dives out, Joe walks out. Castle comes back with a headscissors takedown and then a connected dive to knock the champ down.

Back inside, Castle hits a high knee in the corner before landing a big German Suplex. Joe rolls out of the ring and yells at Stokely. Stokely gets the ref to eject The Boys. Joe returns and low blows Dalton while the ref is turned around. Joe drops Castle with the clutch and that will do it.

Winner: Samoa Joe (c)

ROH World Tag Team Titles: Lucha Bros (c) vs. Best Friends vs. Aussie Open vs. The Kingdom

Taven and Chuck start the bout before Bennett and Trent get tags. The Kingdom tries double-teaming Trent before Fenix gets the tag, followed by Fletcher. Aussie Open grounds Fenix with tandem offense. Penta gets the tag and works with Fenix to take Aussie Open down with combo moves. The two teams comes face to face, leading Kingdom to break it up.

Trent manages to suplex Bennett off the top out of the ring onto the field. Trent does his best to work both members of Kingdom until Penta gets the tag. Fletcher tags in on Taven, allowing Aussie Open to hit Fenix with a cutter and then an uppercut on Trent. The Kingdom hits Fletcher with a combo slingblade, but Chuck breaks it up. Best Friends almost meet in the middle, but Taven breaks it up. Maria distracts Chuck on the apron.

Each team takes turns hitting power moves until Lucha Bros plant Davis for a nearfall. Kingdom drops Penta with a piledriver, kickout. Trent almost has it won over Taven when Fenix pulls the ref out. Aussie Open drop Trent with their combo finisher for the win.

Winners AND NEW: Aussie Open

We see a promo from The Righteous.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles: Mogul Embassy (c) vs. Leon Ruffin, Master Wato & Ryusuke Taguchi

Big Bill is shown watching the match backstage as The Embassy dominates Ruffin for several minutes. Ruffin gets in a chop on Cage, but the champs go right back to beating him down. Ruffin finally tags out to Wato who gets some offense in. Taguchi gets some shine by hitting hip attacks on all three champs. Taguchi traps Kaun in an ankle lock.

Taguchi hits 619 on Cage, Ruffin flies in with a splash. Kaun gets kicked into Prince Nana and almost wins it, but the pin is broken up. Toa and Wato come in, but Cage takes Wato down with a clothesline. Ruffin nails Cage with a cutter. Ruffin kicks Toa a few times but his crossbody is caught and turned into a backbreaker, nearfall. In the end, Toa sits on Ruffin for the three-count.

Winners: Mogul Embassy (c)

ROH Pure Championship: Katsuyori Shibata (c) vs. Daniel Garcia

Daniels, Jacobs, and Lynn are the judges again. Garcia loses a point first before they spill to the outside for more brawling. Shibata boots Garcia into the crowd and then sits in the ring. Five minutes in, Garcia makes a comeback and poses with the Pure title.

Garcia applies a hammer lock and continues to work the left arm. Back on their feet, they trade vicious strikes. Garcia does a bunch of hip thrusting until Shibata sits down in front of him. Garcia sits down and continues thrusting, but Shibata stops him and then slaps him across the face. They break down into chops and then stomps from Shibata.

They break down into trading strikes again nearly 12 minutes in. Shibata with a German, Garcia with a clothesline. They clobber each other, falling together. Garcia manages to apply a deep leg lock, but Shibata counters into a headlock. Shibata applies a sleeperhold and then hits the PK kick for a three-count.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata (c)

Aussie Open speak to Lexy backstage about winning the ROH tag titles tonight. They won’t stop until the run the world.

Fight Without Honor: The Righteous vs. Dark Order

Evil Uno goes right after Grayson, beating him down in the ropes. Silver grabs a barbed wire pole and uses it against Dutch. Reynolds grabs the wire and struggles with Vincent over it. Dutch spikes Reynolds into the pole. Silver introduces tacks but then gets slammed into them by Dutch. Uno returns but Vincent sends him face-first into a chair.

Vincent pulls at Uno’s mask and reveals the blood. Grayson runs in and gets his shot in to wipe Uno’s blood on himself. Silver tries making the save for Uno but gets beat down. Reynolds finally gets back in, leading to Dutch getting suplexed onto tacks, cover. Uno strikes Vincent with the wired wood. Uno grabs a bag of legos.

Uno ends up taking a spill onto the legos while Vincent plummets onto Silver on a table. Grayson splashes through the table to break it as Dutch lands on Uno for a nearfall. Grayson carries Reynolds up the stage to try for something, but Reynolds escapes only to get splashed by Dutch. Reynolds shoves Dutch onto a table with barbed wire. Silver exposes tacks on his kick pad against Vincent.

Grayson hits Uno with a high knee and they spill outside where Uno is placed on a table. Grayson scales a ladder in the ring, but Uno runs back in and sends Grayson crashing through the two tables. Dark Order drag Grayson back in the ring and slam him onto the tacks. Uno covers for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. PAC

It doesn’t take long for the action to spill out of the ring where Pac moonsaults off the apron. Claudio catches him and drops him on the barricade. They re-enter the ring but Claudio takes Pac up to the stage to hit the spin briefly. Pac manages to backdrop Claudio to get some space.

Back near the ring, Pac connects with a moonsault off the top rope to the floor. Pac sets up a table, but Claudio uppercuts him and whips Pac across to another barricade. They return to the ring where Pac hits a superplex off the top. Pac ends up getting slammed through the table on the outside. Claudio scales the top rope and lands a big elbow drop back inside, nearfall.

Pac gets caught leaping off the top, so Claudio face-plants him and transitions into a neutralizer for a nearfall. They trade blows in the center until Claudio uppercuts, Pac pump kicks and then lands a German. Claudio turns him inside out with a clothesline, both go down. Pac lands another bridging German with the cover, two count.

Claudio goes up top, Pac follows and tries for a hurricanrana. Claudio catches him, goes for slam, but Pac follows through with the flip before booting him on the other side. Pac goes up top and misses the moonsault. Claudio clotheslines, but Pac counters Neutralizer with an upperbody lock. Claudio powers his way back up only for Pac to lock it in tighter.

Claudio climbs the ropes with Pac wrapped around him and the two go crashing to the mat to break the hold. Yuta comes down and distracts Pac, allowing Claudio to uppercut from behind. Claudio hits Pac with a powerbomb and covers for the three.

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli (c)

The Lucha Bros come out and help Pac beat down Claudio and Yuta. Best Friends run down next, followed by Orange Cassidy to clear the ring.

Claudio & Moxley vs. Lucha Bros vs. Best Friends set for Dynamite.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena (c) vs. Willow Nightingale

Athena slaps Willow’s hand away to start. Athena rolls out of the ring and paces. She gets back in and Willow takes control, backing Athena to the corner. They double dropkick each other and then break down into trading forearm strikes. Willow step up kicks Athena to the mat before hitting two suplexes. Athena counters with a backslide at first, but Willow gets a third suplex in with the cover.

On the apron, Athena shoves Willow into the post and then slams her on the apron. Back inside, Athena hits double knees in the corner, followed by an uppercut. Kick to the back and then a headlock. Willow gets back to her feet with clotheslines and then a spinebuster for a nearfall. They trade chest chops until Athena delivers kicks and a big forearm shot.

Athena with a single leg dropkick followed by a detonation kick. Willow manages to hit a crossbody off the apron and outside the ring. Athena dropkicks Willow into the steps. Back inside, Willow goes for a cover. Athena hits an enziguri but Willow rolls through the cover, lifting Athena up. Willow hits a Cross Rhodes like move, but kickout.

Willow hits a butterfly suplex for a nearfall. Athena plants Willow face-first, kickout. Willow hits another Cross Rhodes, no luck. Hip attack in the corner, but Athena evades and punches Willow. Athena hits Obliteration from the second rope. Athena hoists Willow up for a powerbomb, kick out. Athena goes up top, but Willow cuts her off. Willow puts Athena on her shoulders and drives her to the mat. Willow puts an arm over, but Athena kicks out.

They spill to the outside where Athena slams her on the floor. Athena connects with O Face in the ring, nearfall. The crowd comes unglued and Athena is in disbelief. Willow powerbombs Athena, kickout. Willow takes Athena to the top rope, attempts a gutwrench. Athena manages to punch Willow off of her and to the mat. Athena connects with O Face again and applies a crossface. Willow rolls back, Athena rolls through. Athena does an STF and Willow struggles. Willow doesn’t recover and the ref calls it.

Winner: Athena (c)

Athena raises Willow’s hand after the bout as a sign of respect.

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