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Gunther Reflects On WrestleMania Match, Says Ludwig Kaiser Deserves More TV Time

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther recently sat down with Joel Torres of Contralona to discuss a variety of topics.

Among them was reflecting on his WrestleMania 39 triple threat match from this year when he defeated Sheamus and Drew McIntyre to retain his title. Gunther said, “It was very well received. I think in general a good heavyweight fight with guys of certain heights and weight, when that gets mixed with a lot of agility and a lot of physicality, I think that’s one of the most exciting scenarios you can have for any match. Obviously, I benefited at the end when Drew and Sheamus got really stuck in the personal issue that they have, which I didn’t mind; I think it exposed them a little bit but my mind was focus on the gold as it was supposed to be. I was able to take the win. WrestleMania for myself was a big happening in my career and definitely wasn’t the last one I’ve ever competed in.”

Continuing on, he said he is ready to continue building a legacy that he can look back on in the future. “I’m focused on doing the best I can on that day and when it’s done my focus is already on the next challenge so I think once my career is over I can look back on all those things and re-enjoy them, if that make sense. But right now I am more in the tunnel, don’t look back, not left, not right… I’m focused in one direction and that is where my efforts goes to.”

Gunther was asked which other WWE European superstars deserve more opportunities to showcase their talent. He said, “Besides me? At the moment I think the European continent has done it fresher when it come to producing really good wrestlers. [Ludwig] Kaiser is doing pretty well in the last months, I really think he found the way to stand out even, I would say, without getting the big big chances to really go out there and get a lot of time and show what he can do, he is capable of a lot and a very charismatic guy. Even with the limited amount of time that he has, he found a way to stand out and I think he really deserves a chance to get more time and more matches.”

You can read the full interview here.

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